Do you want some help in choosing the right paint colors for your home? If yes, then read through this piece for a few neat tips.

How To Choose Paint Colors

We all want to paint our homes in the perfect shades to make it appear bright and beautiful. However, when it comes to home decorating, choosing paint colors can be a pretty big challenge. Though there are so many paint colors to choose from, you are bound to end up getting confused as you wouldn’t know where to start from! While choosing paint colors, you need to consider several factors. The paint of your house reflects much of your personality and taste, so you need to handpick separate colors that are appropriate for the living room, bedroom, study room, and kitchen. To start with, you can browse through the paint color catalogue to get an idea of the different hues that are available. You can easily find paint color catalogues in your local home improvement store or paint store. Nonetheless, remember that the sample in the catalogue does not appear exactly similar in real. If you are planning to get your home painted, but do not know how to go about it, then here are some tips just for you. Read on to learn more.

Choosing Paint Colors

Don’t Rush
If you plan to get your home painted shortly, it is a great idea to start with collecting paint chips. Nevertheless, don’t rush and choose a color in hurry until you have a well planned overall color scheme. If you are planning to repaint your home, consider the color of your curtains, rugs, wallpapers, and fabrics before choosing the paint.

Choose The Paint Finish
You can either go for a matte or glossy finish for your project. If you have wall imperfections, the best bet is to go for a matte finish as it can hide the imperfections.  A glossy finish tends to reflect light and is therefore not a good idea for walls that are damaged.

Consult For Advice
Never hesitate to ask experts for some advice. If you know someone who is good at home interiors, ask him or her for suggestion. You can also consult the guys at the local paint store. An expert can also help you to pick the right colors for your walls.

Study The Colors
Each shade has an underlying tone that makes the color look differently when painted on the walls. While choosing paints, study the colors carefully. For example, any paint with an underlying red tone actually looks pink when painted on walls. Therefore, study the colors and decide the family of colors you want to go with.

Consider The Room Size
While choosing a paint color, consider the size of your rooms. Darker colors can cause the room to appear smaller without adequate lighting. If you already have a large hall, a lighter shade can make it look even larger. Similarly, if you have a small room, you can paint it in light shades to make it look large. If you have a high ceiling, you may choose to paint it dark to make it appear closer.

Other Tips
  • Many paint companies offer free samples of colors that you can paint on your wall to see how it goes and whether you like it. Take advantage of this to make an informed decision.
  • Study the underlying color tones carefully as they can really change the appearance of the colors.
  • Colors speak a lot. If you want to make your home very inviting, get it painted with warm neutral colors. If you want to make it full of life, go for bright and happy colors.

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