Entertainment Capital of the World, the Las Vegas City in the USA is a very popular tourist destination. This article throws light on tourist attractions, and fun things to do in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Vacations

The Las Vegas city located in the Nevada state of the United States of America is rated as amongst the best hub for gambling, shopping and entertainment facilities in the world. And this perhaps just justifies the city’s popularly being called the Entertainment Capital of the World. Upon a trip to Las Vegas, you will be simply spoilt for choice as there are so many fun things to do and exotic tourist locales to visit. This article provides you a vivid glimpse of what to expect / do on your Las Vegas Vacation.
Places of Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas
When you land in Las Vegas, you can start off your sightseeing tour by visiting Mount Charleston about 35 miles to the west of the city on route 95. Since Las Vegas’s climate is an arid desert one with very hot summers, mild winters and ample sunshine around the year, the local love to visit Mount Charleston that is always around 30 degrees cooler. Mount Charleston is a fabulous place for horse-riding during summers and camping, skiing and snowboarding during the winters.
Bryce Canyon National Park
Situated four hours away from the heart of the Las Vegas city to the northeast is the Bryce Canyon National Park. The park comprises a number of small beautiful ravines rather than a single giant canyon. You find the ambience and the scenery here very mesmerizing. There are 14 fixed points along the road here, from where one can get a perfect view of the place. The Bryce Point is the most famous of all. Watch the lovely sunrise and sunset here.   
Valley Of Fire
A famous tourist place in Las Vegas that has been picturized in an endless number of movies, the 26,000 acre of desert landscape ‘Valley of Fire’ is about 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas city. You will see this place in the Hollywood movie Star Trek Generations. Upon reaching here, you will feel that you have come as far from civilization as anyone possibly can. Also be ready to view some wonderful stone formations made naturally by winds and the desert sands as well as ancient Indian stone carvings on the rocks.
Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
This one’s a genuine oasis in the desert about 90 miles to the northwest of Las Vegas city in the Amargosa Valley. You will find that it comprises over 22,000 acres of spring-fed wetlands and alkaline desert uplands. The unique feature is that you will find more than 20 plants and animals here that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. From Sand dunes to ash tree groves to wetlands, you will amazingly find all of them here in this one desert.
Grand Canyon
One will find ample options for traveling to the Grand Canyon located around 100 miles east to the Las Vegas city. Frequent bus, helicopter and airplane tours to and from the Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is organized on an every basis to the Grand Canyon. Amongst the most natural and breathtaking wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is more than a mile deep, 217 miles long and four to 18 miles wide. Apart from adventure activities, you can also relish sunrise and sunset here.  
Fun Things to do in Las Vegas
Las Vegas city offers so many options in the fun-things-to-do category that it will definitely prove difficult to decide which one to choose, especially if a person is visiting for few days. You can visit the Las Vegas Boulevard Casino also called The Strip which’s the biggest, most modern and most spectacular one in the city. Next big tourist attraction is the Freemont Street downtown Vegas, which is converted into a pedestrian mall with a 90-foot high canopy providing shade. Musicians and street entertainers provide free entertainment 24x7.
Then there’s also the Mirage Dolphin Habitat that’s regarded as amongst the best and most successful dolphin habitats in the world. Tourists come here to dance and play. Another favorite tourist entertainment zone in Las Vegas is the Mirage White Tiger Habitat, a glass-enclosed space where two white tigers perform for the camera toting crowds. Another must see in Las Vegas city is  Mirage Volcano, a three-story volcano employing lights, fire, and water to imitate an original flare-up. Also see the computerized water and light show at the Bellagio Fountain Shows.

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