Antigua is a popular tourist attraction in the Caribbean Islands. Check out fun things to do on vacations in Antigua.

Antigua Vacations

Location: Middle of the Leeward Islands in Eastern Caribbean islands
Antigua Attractions
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Capital: St. John’s
Language: English
Best Time to Visit: Anytime in year
Time Zone: GMT – 4
Population: 70,000
Climate: Low humidity; Northeast trade winds flow constantly
Religion: Christian (predominantly Anglican)
Emergency: Police Emergency – 268/462 0125
                       Medical Emergency – 268/462 0251
                       Fire Emergency – 268/462 00
Antigua, largest among the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, is appreciated for its wonderful natural beauty which never ceases to mesmerize the visitors. A nearly unbroken wall of coral reef and unblemished beaches ceaselessly keep on fascinating the visitors. The island, located in the middle of Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean, is a not-to-miss place when one is on a trip of the Caribbean Islands. Neighboring islands of Antigua are Montserrat, Guadaloupe, Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Barts, and St. Martin. Antigua has all necessary accoutrements for thrilling activities and sports as well as fun-filled sightseeing.
Antigua Tourist Attractions
The coral reefs of Antigua keep on summoning scuba divers and snorkellers. Antigua has hundreds of wrecks to explore and offers good shelf diving. One of Antigua's most thrilling activities is to swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Discovery. Sailing has been a central part of Antigua's culture for centuries and it is still a preferred activity for the tourists. Boats of all sorts can be hired in Antigua and used for sailing all around the island. One can choose from racing boats, recreational yachts, and classic sailboats of Antigua. Whichever boat you opt, the experience would be memorable.
Excursion of off-coast deserted islands would give you a sense of adventure. Windsurfing is also a popular activity here. Perpetual winds flowing in Antigua have prompted the locals to organize the world’s most known maritime events, Sailing Week. Fishing, as on all beach resorts, is a popular activity in Antigua too.
Trekkers love to enjoy treasure of secluded, soft beaches on expansive coastline of Antigua. Galley Bay near Capital St. John’s lures surfers during the winter months and joggers in evening. Antigua has many trails and tracks which are suited for hiking. For a change, you can enjoy cricket too, which is a popular sport in the island. Antigua is the birthplace of Vivian Richards, one of the greatest batsmen of all times. Hotels in Antigua provide excellent facilities for playing tennis. Bird watching and horse-riding are also popular activities in Antigua. One thing you should not miss is to take a helicopter ride in Antigua. It would give you the most memorable tour of the Caribbean.
Beaches are abundant in Antigua. So, the problem in Antigua is not gaining access to the beaches but choosing the one which suits your taste. Most Antigua beaches are in the calm, protected waters of the island's Caribbean side.
Northwestern Coast
Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay, located on northwestern coast, are ideal for those who wish full beach resort experience. Galley Bay is suitable for surfers during the winter months and for joggers during the evening. Fort James and Deep Bay, located near Capital St. John's, are popular among the locals. Four crescent beaches at Hawksbill are also liked by the tourists.
Southwest and Southern Coast
Beaches on the southwest and southern coast are suited for comparatively secluded experience. Prominent beaches here are Fryes Bay, Darkwood Beach, beaches around Johnson’s Point, Rendezvous Bay, Doigs Beach, and Pigeon Point.
Eastern Coast
Beaches on the eastern coast are a good choice for family outing. Most famous among beaches are Half Moon Bay and Long Bay.
Capital St. John’s
St. John’s, the capital and the largest city of Antigua, has enough to keep anyone engaged. Most famous among St. John’s attractions is St. John’s Cathedral. White towers of this magnificent and evocative structure dominate the skyline of St. John’s. Colonial Court House houses the Museum of Antigua. It deals in particular with the early history of the island. Folk crafts and buzzing markets of St. John’s make for lively evening in Antigua. As for shopping, visitors can choose from street shopping and mall hopping.
Antiguan restaurants cater to all types of popular cuisines, from Continental to indigenous Antiguan cuisine. Most restaurants on the island take care of the needs of the tourists and offer typical Euro-American style food. However, if you want to taste local delicacies, it would be easy for you to find out a suitable restaurant.
If you believe in enjoying your life in nights, Antigua is the right choice. Dance clubs are open till late night and you could have gala time shaking your legs with your partner. Or you could choose to visit bars and enjoy some exotic drinks. If you have some extra bucks, you could try your luck in casinos.

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