The city of Bruges is one of the main tourist attractions of Belgium. Check out different places to see and fun things to do in Bruges.

Bruges Attractions

Location: Belgium
Languages: Dutch, French, German
Best Time to Visit: Late Spring or Early Fall
Time Zone: GMT +1; GMT +2 in summers
Driving Side: Right Side
Main Attractions: Market Place and Belfry, Burg Square, The Holy Blood, Lake of Love, Church of Our Lady, St Salvator´s Cathedral, Gruuthuse, The Market, Michelangelo’s Pieta, etc
Located in North West Belgium, Bruges is the capital and the largest province of West Flanders. The city is small enough and can be explored easily on foot. What makes it a popular attraction in Europe is the fact that it is virtually untouched by time. In the 16th century, the flourishing economy of Bruges went into recession after contact with the North Sea was lost due to the slit in River Zwin. It was then unaffected by the two wars and today, retains its medieval old-world charm. Since it has a port, it has much economic importance and is an important trade center. It is loaded with many places to see and tourist attractions. Read about the fun things to do in Bruges.
Beautiful Cathedrals
Bruges is known for its cathedrals and churches. Built in traditional architectural style, the churches are a very popular tourist attraction. Check out famous cathedrals like Our Lady’s Church, The Chapel of the Holy Blood, The Jerusalem Church, The Saint Salvator Cathedral, etc. in Bruges. One can easily spot the highest tower in the city when visiting Our Lady’s Church, as it is a part of it. The Chapel of the Holy Blood is of prime importance and is a popular tourist attraction.
Mystical Museums
Bruges has many beautiful and fascinating museums that tourists can visit and explore. Instead of buying different tickets for different museums, you may buy a combined ticket to visit six main museum of Bruges, which will be less expensive. Don’t forget to visit the famous museums like Arentshuis, Gruuthuse, Archeological Museum, Town Hall Gothic Chamber, Groeninge and Stadhuise. You will come across some really fascinating and mystical information about Bruges, which will definitely add spice to your trip.
Explore Bruges
This small ‘egg-shaped’ city can easily be explored on foot or horse driven carriages. Wind through the narrow lanes and check out the local lifestyle there. Get to know the best flea markets and some of the most delightful restaurants like Het Dagelijks Brood, De Vlaansche Pot, Lokkedize, etc. that are known for their excellent food and ambience. When dining, make sure you taste beer, which is the most popular drink here. Also, don’t forget to shop for exclusive chocolates that Bruges is famous for.

Bruges Tourist Attractions  
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