Are you ladies bored and looking for a reason to party? A few of the following games might just make life fun for you. Read on for fun games for ladies!

Ladies Party Games

Gatherings and parties have always elicited a vibration of excitement among the ladies who spent almost half of their husband’s pocket money in shopping and salons to décor themselves for the ultimate party of the month. Gossips and wines have always been a tradition of the conventional as well as the modern society. And, above all, if one decides to include games in their party then it adds more spice to the ongoing fun. It brings everyone together – the known and the unknown – and brings out the hidden child in them. Ladies party games vary according to age, kind of crowd, themes and the different personalities gathered together for the fun-day. It can also depend on the reason for the get-together like newlyweds shower, baby shower, celebration for a new job etc. So, accordingly you can jot down your own ideas or peep into some of the following ones to figure out the one idea you think can be more fun!
Games For Ladies
The Blindside
If you love getting decked up and fear that your other friends would look better than you in the party then here is a wonderful plan! Grab some of those cosmetics from your dressing table and arrange the beautiful ladies in pairs. Blind fold one from each pair and let her apply all the provided make-up on her partner’s face. Finally, when the time limit is over, make them stand in front of the mirror and let them recognize themselves. Keep it lively! You click some funny photographs for memories and tag your friends on social networks for fun’s sake!
Paper Dance
Music with some fun can be enthralling. And this one works the old-fashioned way except that there are no men involved. Take a pile of old newspapers and divide the ladies in pairs. Make them stand on a newspaper and play the music. Ask them to dance, move and have fun but their feet should not come out of the newspaper. Fold the newspaper whenever the music is stopped. Repeat it several times and enjoy the pick and catch of the two partners. You would see a considerable weight loss among the winners!
Bursting Balloons
Snatching and bursting balloons can be very tempting. Call one member at a time from the crowd and ask them to tie balloons in their legs. Now ask them to hop around and jump on the opponent members to burst the balloons. The loud noises with each burst make it even more hilarious!
Treasure Hunt
If you want to get a feel of an excursion and maximize the adventure then get ready to be the next Aladdin. Write quotes or poems describing the different personalities gathered at your party. Hide them wherever you feel like. Divide the party crowd into definite groups and ask them to go looking for the chits and guess each. Make them run and let their minds boggle to find the “who” in the chit and let them unravel the truths of their surrounding buddies!
My Dream Man
Women always fancy about their dream man. Some are fortunate enough to get one and some keep dreaming. Get a momentary feel of your dream and share it with others. Get famous actors’ photographs printed on paper and ask each member to choose one of them and describe them with their own opinions and fantasies. Don’t miss the chance! You can easily get to know your buddies this way.

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