Finding it hard to manage your difficult tresses? An inverted bob haircut is the right thing for you then. Listed here are some hairstyles of the inverted bob.

Inverted Bob Haircut

A number of celebrities such as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes swear by the bob haircut. Paris Hilton says – “I may run around in sweatpants, but my hair always looks awesome”. Bob hairstyles are very stylish in the fashion industry, the glamour world and among most other people. They can be sported both by teenagers and adults, with as much spunk and sophistication as the other. More than anything, they are easy to maintain. There are several kinds of bob hairstyles – asymmetrical, curly and inverted being three of them. An inverted bob is a trendy kind of hair-cut involving hair till the cheek bones and the sides are as long as the front. It appears longer in front than at the back, giving it an appearance of medium length hair. But before jumping into the saloon for a haircut, spare a thought your hair type and the kind of bob you want! When you’ve made up your mind, read ahead:
Inverted Bob Hairstyles

An inverted bob typically looks like a stacked appearance (shorter at the back) giving a great deal of importance to the crown area. The longer layers frame the edges of the face and the back tapers to the neck. There are 2 kinds of inverted bobs:

Layered Inverted Bob

  • This is usually preferred for women with straight or straightened hair.
  • This bob is made by making the front longer than the rest of the hair and cutting it at angles in the front.
  • It works well for people with a round face, as it hides the roundness by covering it with hair and making the face appear longer.
  • The angular front must be clearly transitioned from the crisp back hair. This can be done only by an expert!
  • This is a smooth haircut that highlights your facial features. You can streak your hair with a single colour that will bring out the haircut even more.
  • The length of the bob depends upon individual choice, either up to the shoulders or chin. Whatever be the length, this is a style statement.
Inverted Bob With Bangs
  • Women with larger foreheads can use an inverted bob with bangs as they look neat and cover up the forehead.
  • The bangs can either be swept sideways or be combed in the front just covering the head.
  • It can be straightened or left slightly wavy. Maintaining these bangs is a little harder than the angular inverted bob.
  • This is definitely a fancier and more stylish type of inverted bob and makes you stand out in a crowd.
Tips On Maintaining An Inverted Bob
  • As mentioned above, this is one of the easiest haircuts to maintain. If the hair is straight, then just apply a leave-on conditioner and let it set. For people with slightly curly hair, they can either straighten their hair to keep it tamed or make a slight variation to the inverted bob with curls at the end and the sides.
  • It always looks better when the bangs are kept straightened because they are short and hence, uncontrollable!
  • Inverted bobs increase the volume of the hair, so women with thin hair can use this method.
  • Remember to keep trimming the ends or else the lengths will start varying as hair grows to different extents.
  • Inverted bobs are also known to make the neck appear longer.

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