Dating on a budget is as romantic & eventful, if not more, than an expensive one. Explore few inexpensive date ideas that will help you enjoy a romantic day with your beloved, without going broke.

Inexpensive Date Ideas

Going on a date has never been an easy affair. Amongst all the thoughts and emotions crowding the mind, the one thing that becomes a constant nag is how to make the date memorable. In this almost everyone seems to have a fair idea on what a really romantic and successful date should be like. It should be extravagant and more than the conversation and the atmosphere, the price tag should blow your partner off his/her feet. That is why many people who have a prospect of a date are at a dilemma on how to take their partner on a date, have great fun and that too within a budget (read cheap). For those of you who want to go for an inexpensive date, you should first get rid of the general mentality that the best date is one which is over-the-top. No doubt if you have money to splurge then your date becomes all the more eventful, but if you are less on dough but more on imagination then you can go for a date without literally spending anything. The trick is to know how and where you can take your date. There are a variety of ways in which you can have a rollicking time with your partner, without requiring the necessity to rob a bank. To help you go an inexpensive date read the article given below for a few such ideas.
Cheap Date Ideas
Home Resort
If you cannot take your date to a resort, then you can at least create the atmosphere of a resort provided you have a terrace or a garden at your residence. You can easily get a tent for hire and fix it in the garden or terrace. Decorate it with flowers and lights. If your tent is large you can fix a table and two chairs inside. Or you can even have them outside the tent. Make sure that you bring your date during the evening or the night. Keep a bottle of wine chilled and if possible bribe a friend to wait upon you. For a more romantic effect, you can even set up a barbeque.
Brainy Date
If your date is a bit on the intellectual side, then you are in for luck. There are a number of ways in which you can go for a date, without burning a hole in your pocket. The best in this is, of course, to go for an art show or a book reading. Large and medium cities and towns have art and book reading events almost every day. Also, many national and international centers organize cultural tours, plays and other activities with perhaps a lunch or a breakfast thrown in. You only have to spend for the ticket. If you take your date to such places, it will also show that you have refined taste.
Everybody loves a good adventure. You can make your date a romantic adventure, without going to faraway mountains and oceans for the thrill. You can always find out a hiking and biking trail on the outskirts of your town. Trek to a placid lake where nature is at its best. Lie down under a tree or go swimming in the lake or river. Make sure that you carry a hamper with a bottle of wine, cheese and other savories. Sip the wine and admire nature in each other’s arms. You can also have fun while angling and later you can barbeque the fish. However, a date spent hiking and biking is quite unconventional and so should be tried only by those who have streaks of adventure in their personality
Home Cooking
If you are a good cook, then what better way to utilize your skill than pleasing your date. Keep a bottle of wine or champagne in the freezer. And buy all the things that you need beforehand. You can either prepare your date’s favorite dishes or go with your gut instinct and prepare what you can cook best, and pray that your date likes it. Take care that you don’t go for an elaborate spread with too many dishes. The main objective here should not be the food but on how both of you get along together. Keep two candles ready so that you can create a cozy atmosphere by having the dinner in the candle light.

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