Get yourself a hula hoop and exercise daily to cut down on your excess body weight. Read below to know more on hula hoop exercises.

Hula Hoop Exercise

Are you someone who has tried diets, workouts and everything in between and still failed to get rid of weight? Then perhaps you should try your hand at hula hooping. This is because the diets and workouts become so boring after a point that many people tire out of them. But when you use hula hooping to exercise, you will be bringing in the much needed fun in the task. As children we have all tried our hands at it. To swing the hoop and keep it from falling down the waist was one of the best games of childhood. So, use it to lose weight and you will enjoy it as you did as a child. Are you wondering how hula hoop can keep you fit and toned? Well, when you swing your waist trying to keep the ring from falling, you will be providing vigorous workout to the waist hip and abdominal region. Use the hoops on the legs and arms and your entire body will receive total workout. It is, in fact, one of the best ways to burn calories. Use hula hoops that are specifically designed for exercise as such hoops are heavier than the toy hoops and hence, can provide better workout, as they are heavier to swing around. What’s more, apart from reducing weight, you can also strengthen the core muscles with the help of a hula hoop. Go through the article given below to learn how to exercise using a hula hoop. 

How To Exercise Using A Hula Hoop

  • Get yourself a hula hoop. If you are looking to reduce weight using the hula hoop then you should get one which is weighted for the best results. The best is to go for hoops weighing about 2 pounds.
  • Before starting on the exercise warm up for a few minutes. Stretching, jogging or jumping jacks are very good warm up exercises.
  • Start by hooping for ten minutes. Rest for a minute or two and again hoop for about ten minutes. If you are a beginner, then you must first learn to use a hula hoop. If you practice enough, you can learn to use the hula hoop in a couple of days.
  • While exercising with the hula hoop, it is better if you swing or wave your arms. This will make the workout more challenging and help you to burn more calories. Try to learn how to dance with the hula hoop as this will provide you with a full body workout.
Types Of Hula Hoop Exercises
  • To make the hula hoop exercise more challenging you can use multiple hoop exercises. However, this should only be done by advanced hoop users. Using multiple hoops will provide more stress on the workout.
  • You can use the hula hoop to exercise your arms also. Take a medium hoop and put it in your arm extended at the side. Then twirl the hoop in circular motion around the arm. Do this for both the arms and gradually go on increasing the duration. This will tone the muscles and shed the fat deposit in the arms.
  • You can use the hula hoop to exercise your legs as well. Lie down on the floor and put up one leg at 45° from the floor. Take a small to medium-sized hoop and put it through your leg just above the knee. Now, twirl the hoop around the leg. Repeat the same for the other leg also.
  • To exercise the abdomen and waist, keep the hoop at the waist level. Put one foot in front of the other and rotate the hoop around the waist. Don’t move your hip in circular motion. Instead rotate the hoop by moving your weight back and forth from one leg to the other.  
Everyone knows that exercise is the best way to get rid of weight. And hula hoop exercise is the most fun exercise of all. So, implement hula hooping in your daily regimen and flaunt a newer and of course, a slimer you!

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