If you had assumed mogul skiing to be difficult and unsafe, then go through this article that guides you as to how to ski moguls easily and unharmed. Follow these techniques and enjoy!

How To Ski Moguls

Ever seen those skiers skiing smoothly and easily over layers of powdered ice? Do you dream of performing the same at least once in your lifetime? Surely, this is what most people think of whenever they view clips of people skiing on television or even when they find such similar pictures in magazines or on the internet. Why to stop people from visualizing such a challenging yet an enjoyable activity? After all, skiing is one of the most endeavored and pleasurable activity to try out whenever one visits a snowy destination. Amongst so many kinds of skiing, mogul skiing is one of the easiest and safest skiing forms to try out. But most people struggle with skiing on moguls simply because they do not follow the right techniques. Though ski areas with mogul slopes look scary for beginners, they aren't scary. In fact, moguls are bumps that are formed on a skiing trial when skiers push back snow, while making carve turns. As such, these bumps harden as temperatures fluctuate with snow melting and refreezing. Nonetheless, mogul skiing isn’t as difficult and complicated as you usually think it to be. Instead, you would love to attempt it time and again once you have mastered the right method of performing it. So, here’s presenting you some easy and useful tips on how to ski moguls.
Mogul Skiing Tips
Begin With Simple Skiing
Mogul skiing demands a certain turning rhythm which can be best developed when practiced outside the mogul field. Skiing on moguls requires a constant speed and flexible short radius turns. This is only possible when you are used to the act of skiing first. As such, these two acts should first be performed on flat and a little steep intermediate run to get a good hold of skiing. Ski up to a steep blue and stand facing down with your skis pointing downwards. Then, ski directly down the fall line. Skiing on a flat and steep slope will help you envision a mogul field in front of you. Visualize an imaginary line and practice making short, consecutive turns with varying widths unless you are confident of running on fast lines with full control.
Move To A Mogul Field But Be Slow
After you have mastered skiing on a flat, steep slope, find a mogul field that is relatively less steep than the one you’ve been practicing on. Slowly ski up to the field with your skis pointed down the run. Pick up a skiing line with 5 or 6 moguls. Visualize the line in your mind and push yourself into the mogul field to pick up a little speed. Practice short runs in these 5 or 6 moguls and stop after you are done. Move up back to the starting point and repeat down the mogul field. Make sure that you keep your skis pointed downhill into the snow. Avoid hopping from one mogul to the other. If you wish to rest, step to the side of the mogul run and avoid stopping in the middle, unless you want to go for a downward slide.
Focus On The Bumps
During mogul skiing, most of the turns are made on the sides of the moguls rather than in the mogul gully or over top. Keep your lower body flexible with the moguls guiding your knees up and down. Though this is one of the hardest things to do while learning how to ski moguls, once you are through it, you will love performing this activity again and again. Your skis should be pointed downwards in contact with the snow. The bumps will help you plant your poles in the snow. Remember to plant your pole near the top of the mogul allowing you to slide downhill.
Learn The Mogul Skiing Technique
Never try to attempt mogul skiing the entire line while you are in the beginning stages. Practice short sections keeping in mind certain things. Find the line and keep 3 to 4 moguls in focus while you are crossing the current mogul. Your skis should be pointed downwards. Using the mogul’s side, make very short radius turn to compress your knees up and down comfortably. Turn your skis according to the moguls and in continuous contact with the snow. Your pole plant should be near the top of the mogul and turn quickly before you reach towards the next mogul in the other direction. Find a rhythm and lean forward while performing the entire mogul skiing.
Keep practicing and enjoy your new snow activity of mogul skiing. Once you are comfortable with it, you can enhance your skiing abilities by trying new methods and techniques.
With these tips in mind, you will be able to speed down the next time you arrive at the top of a mogul slop. Practice, improve your mogul skiing, and enjoy!

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