Want to try your hand in the art of knitting? Learn how to do single crochet to give a kick start to your attempt. Read this article and equip yourself with the technique of single crocheting.

How To Single Crochet

Have you always fantasized the art of crocheting? Do those cute and darling designs on sweaters make you go mad about this knitting art? You love winters and so do you love woolens. On the arrival of winter season, you usually see your mother knitting some wonderful, cozy and colorful woolens for the entire family which makes you wonder how the balls of wools transform themselves to unique and attractive warm apparels. Well, this is no magic or science - just the art that crocheting is! And if you are new to this art, then a proper guidance and instruction is quite essential to grab the art skillfully. Although making those attracting designs is not very easy, single crocheting is the basic procedure to begin with. It is very simple and does not require much effort. All that you need to do is gather the required tool required and follow the technique. In no time, you would come out with interesting patterns and designs. Go through the article and learn how to single crochet.
Single Crocheting
  • The very first step is to carry out a chain stitch of the desired length. The chains must be 11-15 in number. This row is known as foundation row consisting of all the chains.
  • In the row 1, leave the very first chain. However, this is to be applied only for the first row, as after you are done with the first row, don’t leave it further in the remaining rows.
  • Start stitching the second chain with a hook. To do the same, insert the crochet hook through the ridge in the backside.
  • Next step is to yarn over from behind and from the front of the hook. Thereafter, pull the yarn gently through the chain stitch. Once this step is accomplished, you’ll have two loops on the crochet hook.
  • Once again, yarn over the hook and pull it from both the loops present on the hook.  
  • Now it is time to go back to the loop 1 present on the hook. Yarn over from behind and pull it through the two loops of the hook. Upon completing this step, you would be through with one crochet with a single hook left on the hook.
  • After completion of the first row, you would find that it contains one less single crochet than the number of chains you initially created. If the number is higher, then you have made too many of them and vice versa.
  • Now follow the above step leaving the first one for the next chains. Complete the stitch across the entire rows.
  • Remember to end your single crochet row every time with one less single crochet than the chains number you commenced with. Ensure that the yarn is on the left hand side at the beginning of each row.
  • To make the single chain pattern stitch in other rows, raise your yarn to the specific height and then start with the next row. All that you need to do is reverse the direction of the cloth you are working on and continue crocheting following the same procedure.
  • Finally, put the hook in the very first stitch of the previous row and repeat all the steps mentioned above.
  • To complete the entire procedure, stitch each of the previous rows. 
  • In case of consequent rows, turn the cloth in the reverse direction and continue the procedure.
Now you know how to do single crochet. Remember to follow these instructions of single crocheting carefully to come out with excellent and appreciable results.

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