Games that involve questions revolved around couples are lovey-dovey and fun filled at the same time. Read this article on couple questions to know more.

Couple Questions Game

It is amazing – the little things that we discover within moments after meeting someone for the first time and it is equally strange how long we take to discover traits about our life partner even after sharing our entire lives with them. In order to avoid the latter from happening, play the following question game which is informative, playful and fun. There are virtually no rules or regulations that govern this game. If you know the game called ‘truth or dare’ you will have an idea about how this game will probably be. Asking questions when your turn comes on practically any topic under the sun is the pivotal idea behind this exercise. If you are attempting to get the spark back into your relationship then this game should top your list. If you’re a young couple then this game will help you discover unknown and unchartered territories and if your love story is like an aged wine – wise and matured – answering these questions will bring back sweet memories. Read on for more information.
Couple Questions
Before proceeding with the questions you can ask your loved one, let’s shift the focus to the ambience and the correct mood that has to be around both of you while the game progresses. A room full of soft lights, a warm and cosy arrangement by the fire place or a candle-lit rendezvous in the balcony with your favourite bottle of wine, all these situations fit the bill wonderfully. Wait for the mood to become relaxed and romantic before beginning the game.
Questions For An Older Couple
  • Do you remember the first time we met? Recollect the moments in explicit details.
  • Tell me a thing about me that charmed you then and continue to do so even after all the water that has flown under the bridge.
  • Why do you respect me?
  • What is it that you think will make our love stronger?
  • Any regrets?
  • Any secret fantasy that you still harbour?
  • What is the one physical attribute that you love about me?
  • Would you rather have mind-numbingly awesome sex with me or talk about everything that matters to both of us?
Questions For A Younger Couple
  • How much of a future do you see for both of us?
  • What is the thing that got you attracted to me?
  • What are you searching for in an ideal life partner?
  • How far would you go to prove your love for me?
  • What is your wildest fantasy?
  • What is easy for you – fabricate the truth or bare it all?
  • When the flame of passion dies, is it hard for you to remain faithful?
  • How jealous can you be?
  • Although our love is young and immature, is there anything about me that annoys you already?
Although you have the freedom to ask just about any random thing that pops into your mind, try poking and probing around for things that you find your partner silent about. Remember, clear all your doubts that relate to the intimate sessions as well as those to do with the day to day affairs. Golden opportunities such as these arise very rarely and when you have the license to ask everything and anything under the sun, don’t give it away. Use your opportunity intelligently and discover a whole new side to the one of your dreams.

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