Have you ever wanted to hold your breath for a longer period of time? If yes, read through this article to find how to hold your breath longer.

How To Hold Your Breath Longer

If you are a swimmer, a diver, a dancer, or an athlete, you can benefit by learning how to hold your breath longer. Although it is difficult to hold your breath for a long duration in the first attempt, continuous practice will help you to hold your breath longer. Holding your breath means you have to increase the capacity of your lungs to control inhaling and exhaling air. However, be careful while you practice holding your breath. Never practice to hold your breath alone as you may pass out if you hold your breath for too long. Stop holding your breath if you begin to feel weak and dizzy. Also, be sure to practice these exercises only under the strict supervision of an expert. If you really wish to learn to hold your breath longer and impress your friends, then here are some tips to your aid. Read through the following sections to learn the different ways of holding your breath for longer durations.

Holding Your Breath Longer

Breathing Exercises
Although there is no way by which you can increase the size of your lungs, you can do several breathing exercises to increase the capacity of your lungs to hold air. Take a deep breath slowly through your nose and hold it for 30 seconds. Subsequently, gradually exhale the air through your mouth. Rest for 30 seconds and then do it again. Do this breathing exercise once in the morning and once at night. Gradually increase the time of holding your breath. You may use a stopwatch to check and see as to how long you have managed to hold your breath each time.

Quit Smoking
If you are a heavy smoker, then try to quit smoking. Quitting helps increase your lungs ability to release carbon dioxide and absorb more oxygen. If you are a regular smoker, the black smoke and the tar will damage your lung tissues to a great extent. Quitting will improve your lungs and you can effectively hold your breath for longer.

Swimming is a great exercise that helps hold your breath longer. It strengthens your lung tissues thus helping you to hold your breath for longer. Start with small sessions so that your lungs and muscles grow strong. Increase your time gradually until you have reached your goal.

Useful Tips
  • Don’t hold air in your cheeks.
  • Splash cold water on your face before you start practicing holding your breath. Alternatively, you can also use a cold washcloth on your face. Research studies have shown that washing your face with cold water triggers bradycardia or the slowing of the heart rate. However, don’t use icepacks. Make sure the water temperature is around 21 degree celsius and the rest of your body is in a relaxed position.
  • In order to hold your breath longer, you need to relax your muscles. Meditation is a good exercise that lowers your heart rate and helps you relax. The more you lower your heart rate, the better you can hold your breath. To meditate, close your eyes, and focus on a thought that makes you calm and relaxes your nerves.
  • Try not to move at any point when holding your breath. When you move or do some physical activity, you waste oxygen and you need to breathe more to get adequate oxygen supply. On the other hand, when you relax you consume less oxygen as your heart rate drops down. Try holding your breath when you are in a relaxed state.
These are some of the best ways to hold your breath. However, be sure to practice these techniques only under the supervision of an expert to avoid complications.

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