‘How to get rid of motion sickness’ - this is a question that troubles many people. Learn in this article some ways to deal with travel sickness.

How To Get Rid Of Motion Sickness

Does the travel of mere two hours seem endless to you? Or does it appear to you like the deadly ride of merry-go-round? Or do you feel like a cartwheel yourself? Well, you may well be suffering from motion or travel sickness. Motion sickness is a very common problem and at one time or other, almost every one of us must have experienced it. The sickness combines the feeling of dizziness, fatigue, nausea, malaise and sometimes, even vomiting. It is caused by a disagreement between the sense of movement located in the inner ear and the visually perceived movements. Called kinetosis, in medical terms, it is caused by the repeated motion that causes disturbance in the inner ear, troubling the sense of balance and equilibrium, which in turn causes nausea and dizziness. It is not a very serious condition and unless you are debilitated by it, there is nothing much to worry about. However, it does cause annoyance and is not a very pleasant experience, in general. In case you have been too much troubled by the problem, read and explore tips on how to get rid of motion sickness.
Ways To Deal With Travel Sickness 
  • One of the most important things, which you can do, to combat motion sickness, is choosing a seat that has minimum disturbance or motion. The seat in center of a car or over the wings of a plane would be the perfect option, in such a case.
  • Keep yourself in the same direction as the motion. For example, if you are travelling by a car, sit in the front seat. Even if you are sitting at the back seat, face the same direction in which the car is moving.
  • One of the best things, which you can do to get rid of travel sickness, is to look outside the car, plane, boat, etc. It will help in giving equilibrium to the sense of movement and the visuals outside and you wouldn’t feel nauseated.
  • Before you start travelling, have a hearty meal. However, you need to experiment with this, to see whether it works for you or not.
  • Keep your distance from other travelers who get motion sickness, as it can trigger your symptoms too.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, then reading in the car or the plane will not be helpful for you. So, try to avoid it altogether.
  • The best thing, which you can do, to minimize motion sickness, is to sleep in the car, plane, or even boat. Sleep as soon as you enter the vehicle.
  • Get plenty of fresh air and avoid any strong odor and even spicy foods. All these can trigger motion sickness.
  • Don’t think about motion sickness; rather keep your mind away from it. Keeping yourself busy will be helpful in this regard. You can even offer to drive the car, as it might help you combat the sickness.
  • Take a sound sleep the night before your have to travel and dress in comfortable clothes. Also, don’t drink too much before you start travelling.
  • You need to avoid sweet-drinks to get rid of motion sickness. However, keep sipping water or any other fluid throughout journey, to keep yourself hydrated.
  • You can also take the help of herbal remedies to alleviate travel sickness. Chewing fresh ginger roots, catnip, liquorice, and valerian can help reduce the sickness.
  • If you are travelling by car, try avoiding bumpy roads. Although you need to focus on the road ahead, don’t look around too much.
  • Chewing gums also help some people deal with motion sickness. You can try it as well.
  • Taking anti-nausea and anti-motion sickness medication also helps. Even medicated patches are available for the purpose, which can be applied behind the ear, four to five hours in advance.

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