A good hairstyle is like a good pair of jeans, that is, difficult to find! Read on to know date hair ideas and how to do hair for a date.

How To Do Hair For A Date

A dating scene may be one of the occasions when you need maximum preparation before actually venturing on it. Actually dating is something for which preparation may never get over. So whether you have a date with your “perfect man” or if it is a blind date or even if it is a ‘casual coffee date’, it’s a date indeed and thus calls for huge planning especially for us Eves. So no matter what led you to a date, you need to take care of your make up, your dress, your shoes, your jewelry, your handbag, your watch, your perfume, and most importantly your hair. A hairstyle can actually make or mar your whole impression on your date. A good hairstyle will give you a finishing touch and will give the impression which you want to portray. Whether it is a classy look, flirty look or even if it is carefree sexy look, a hair will help you emphasize your depict. The first and most important thing, while you are setting your hair for a date is that you need to belong to whichever place you are going for a date. An updo may not look too cool for a casual “jean-tee” date. In addition, a limped hair can ruin the effect of your evening gown in a formal “black-tie” date. Also any hairstyle will not look good on a dirty, unhealthy hair. The hair should be healthy and shiny. It is also possible that you may not be that able to visit salon every time you go for date. actually just as we need the prefect LBD(little black dress) for us, in the same way we need some of the hairstyles too which can be worn according to the occasions, it can be via DIY(do it yourself) or with a quick visit to a salon. Knowing what you want and how hair should be worn will help you get ready in a best possible way. Explore the following pointers to know how to do hair for a date.
Date Hair Ideas
Elegant Updo
If your date is a black tie event then you could portray a feminine classy look through your hair. If you are wearing an off-shoulder dress and killer heels, then there is no better option for you than an elegant up do, especially if your date taking you to a fancy restaurant. It is a very feminine style and doesn’t need much work. All you need is hot rollers and hairspray. Take inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, Penelope Cruz and go for complete updo, side bun, sleek bun, or leave the rest of hair like that and you are sure to bedazzle your date!
Sedu Style
If it is a formal cum casual event, and you are wearing lacy dress and trying to portray a romantic image, nothing would seduce your date more than a sedu style of hair. You could also opt for loose waves or French twists if you are wearing dresses with ornate texture and opting for simple jewelry. This hairstyle is also good if you want to keep the focus on your mane.
Bedhead Look
There is no sexier style other than an on purpose tousled hairstyle. If you have long hair and want to look sexy on your date, then look no further, all you need is a tousled bedhead look with a chic outfit and you are ready to hog all the attention coming your way. Create the look with texturizing spray and add curls with hot rollers. Now leave the hair loose and see him getting mesmerized.
Sleek Bangs 
Remember that the location of the date will only set the tone of your personality and if you have a weekday date and want to portray a modern girl look, then all you need is a straightening iron and serum for gloss. Match this hairstyle with a casual yet chic and feminine blouse. Straighten your hair and add bangs with it for a feminine look
Carefree Waves
If you are having the first date at somewhere like a museum or a park, then a free flowing lock would be a very good option both to create a carefree and yet a chic look. Curl your hair in the end or add volume enhancer to it to increase the texture. Leave few locks falling and framing on your face and you are ready to go!

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