A stuffy nose can create a lot of discomfort as you are unable to breathe properly. Here are some home remedies that will provide some relief from stuffy nose. Just read on.

How To Clear A Stuffy Nose

Cough and cold is one of the most common problems in winter. Stuffy nose is the most irritating and common symptoms of cold. A stuffy nose blocks your nasal passage due to inflammation of the blood vessels present in the lining of the nose. Stuffy nose can cause problems with ears and hearing. More severe stuffy noses may also cause snoring and sleep problems. A blocked nose doesn’t allow you to breathe properly and create a lot of discomfort while sleeping. Plus, a stuffy nose can also lead to heaviness in the head that don’t allow concentrating on your work. Although, cough and cold take a while to go away, however, you can do something at home to get relief from stuffy nose. Here are some easy home remedies to resolve your blocked nose. But, if your condition worsens you should see a doctor.
Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose 
  • Take water in a wide bowl and boil it for some time. Cover your head with a Turkish towel and inhale the steam from the boiling water through your nostrils. Repeat the process for at least 15-20 times. The hot steam helps to dissolve the mucus giving you some relief. For better results you can add a few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus or tea tree oil.
  • Put 1 tbsp salt in a cup of water and boil it for at least 10 minutes. Let the salt water cool. Put 5-10 drops of this salt solution in your each nostril. This will also help to alleviate your condition.
  • A dry environment can irritate your sinuses to produce mucus that can block your nose. If you are living in a dry environment, installing a humidifier in your room will be of great advantage.
  • Spicy food is a natural decongestant. If you are suffering from heavy nose congestion, eat spicy and peppery foods. They make your nose runny, thus curing the stuffiness.
  • Mix Tulsi, lemon juice and ginger juice in equal proportion. Add some honey. Eat this mixture twice in a day to clear off congestion.
  • Many people get benefitted from sniffing onion, with the outer layers peeled off.
  • If you are suffering from a stuffy nose, reduce consumption of wheat and dairy products, as they can make your nose even stuffier.
  • Ensure to drink plenty of water and fluids to keep your sinus membranes hydrated. Dry and irritated sinus membranes secrete more mucus that can make your nose stuffy.
  • Drinking warm water with a pinch of salt in it is helpful to keep away stuffy nose.
  • Crush some cardamom seeds and put them in a handkerchief. Tie the hanky properly and sniff occasionally.
  • Roast some cardamom seeds on a pan and inhale the smoke that comes from them.
  • Take a few fresh menthol leaves and crush them. Deep inhale the smell to get rid of blocked nose.
  • Avoid eating cold, fried, and oily food that will only aggravate your condition.
  • Apply a warm compress to your face to help ease the discomfort of a stuffy nose. The heat and moisture helps promote drainage so you can blow your nose more effectively.
  • If your stuffy nose is painful, lasts more than 7 to 10 days or is accompanied by a fever, consult a physician. You may have a sinus infection which requires medication.

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