Gracious guests are more likely to be invited time and again, due to their communication, appreciation and politeness. Explore this article to know the various tips on how you can be a gracious guest.

How To Be A Gracious Guest

The world is moving ahead at a great pace and so are the people. However, when time permits, people often choose to socialize with their near and dear ones. They take out time to invite others and prepare for the upcoming event. It then becomes the guest’s responsibility to not only accept the invite, but also appreciate it by paying a visit to their place in person, to honor their invitation. Here, the most significant point to be made note of is to be a gracious guest. It also becomes your responsibility to behave with decorum and courtesy. Read the article below to know how you can earn a reputation as a gracious guest and win your hosts’ heart.
Tips On Being A Gracious Guest 
  • Call your host the night before, to clarify the timings and ask in case he/ she requires any last minute ingredients or supplies.
  • Time is precious. Be sure to reach your hosts’ place at the right time. They too have a working day ahead, so they will expect that everything goes well, as planned.
  • Follow the body language of your hosts to greet them. Communicate with your hosts and compliment them on their hard work.
  • Follow the house rules, if any. For example, be sure to enquire as to where you would have to remove your shoes, if at all they are to be removed. Your host may not like to track mud or snow into a clean house.
  • Buy a flower bouquet as a token of appreciation for the hosts’ generous hospitality. You can also opt for a small gift such as a leaf ornaments.
  • Make yourself at home. Converse with your host and insist on lending a helping hand. A number of small tasks, such as placing the plates, pouring wine, or whisking whipped cream, will help to lighten your host’s load.
  • In case your host has kids, spend some time entertaining them, by reading a book or taking them for a drive. Your hosts are sure to be grateful to you for considering their kids.
  • Engage yourself and other guests in a conversation at the dinner table. If there is a person who isn’t familiar with others, try to socialize with him and include him in the talk.
  • Do not get so drunk that you pass out in your porch. Not only it will set a bad impression of you, but you will also be restricting yourself from being invited again.
  • A guest does not dine in and leave immediately. Instead, a gracious guest will help his hosts in the cleaning part as well. Help them in scrubbing pots and stacking plates. Your hosts will love you for this.
  • Do not linger around a weary host. This will only make him feel more exhausted. Try leaving around the same when the rest of the guests do.
  • In case you are staying back at your hosts’ place, make things easy on them. Get to bed at the same time as they do. If possible, get an air mattress as well as bedding from home.
  • Do not take your host’s hospitality for granted. Use words like “please and “thank you”.
  • Write a thank-you note to your host after the party. Though it sounds to be a small effort - of writing and mailing the note, it sure is to make a huge impression on your guests. 
  • Do not go empty-handed at the invite. Also do not get something that will make more work for your host.
  • Do not make negative comments on the host’s food and accommodation.
  • Avoid bringing uninvited people and pets.
  • In case children are invited, coach them beforehand on behavior, simple manners and acts of graciousness.

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