Suffering from fluctuations in blood pressure levels? Read on to learn about healthy blood pressure range and the tips to maintain the same.

Healthy Blood Pressure Range

With our lifestyles becoming sedentary and with no time for any physical activity, our body faces a number of complications dealing with which becomes difficult at times. One such health complication which we might face because of our inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating routines is fluctuation in the blood pressure level of the body. Blood pressure is nothing but the reading of the force which is exerted by the flowing blood on the blood vessels, veins and the arteries. The blood pressure of a person is enough to judge the health of a person. Any fluctuation in the pressure surely indicates the risk pertaining to the health of an individual. A healthy blood pressure is the pressure level which is considered to be an ideal pressure level that a person should try and preserve. The healthy pressure rate is measured based on two measurements viz systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the arterial walls when the blood gets pumped out to the arteries, while the latter is the pressure which is measured between two heart beats or when the heart is at the resting stage. The article provides you with tips to maintain healthy blood pressure range. Read on to discover more.

Tips To Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Range

As per ‘World Health Organisation’ (WHO) the normal blood pressure rate is generally reflected as the systolic or pulse rate value less than 140 and the diastolic value below 90. According to many renowned health organizations, the healthy blood pressure level for an adult will be a systolic pressure between 90-120 and a diastolic pressure between 60-80. According to the ‘National Institute of Health’ the suggested optimum blood pressure level is 120/80 mmHg. After an all-inclusive study of the suggested blood pressure rates of different health organisations, one can say that the exact healthy blood pressure rate reading will be somewhere between 120 and 130 systolic pressure, and between 80 and 85 diastolic pressure. 

Steps To Ensure Healthy Blood Pressure Range
  • The first step you should take is to maintain a healthy eating pattern. Good intake of food, vegetables, low fat dairy products and other fibre-rich food items will help your pressure level to be on the safer side.
  • You should take steps to reduce your daily sodium intake in order to keep blood pressure on the healthier side. Try and purchase fresh unprocessed food items, make sure that you read the nutrition fact section on any packaged food you are buying, cut down on consumption of fast food, minimize your use of condiments and salted food items in order to cut down on your consumption of sodium.
  • Having and maintaining a healthy weight and body mass index (BMI) will also help keep your blood pressure under check. You should try and maintain BMI somewhere between 18- 25. Any measurement below or above this reading can prove to be unhealthy for a person.
  • You should cut down on your intake of alcohol. Consuming too much of alcohol also can cause fluctuations in the blood pressure level. Keep your alcohol consumption of 2 servings a day and maximum of 9-12 servings a week in order to maintain your pressure level.
  • Providing physical challenge to your body is the best way to deal with any health issue. A regular exercise routine will definitely keep your blood pressure levels towards the healthier side. Little exercise every day will keep your blood circulation good and will prevent any risk pertaining to blood pressure.

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