Having high diastolic blood pressure can put you at the risk of severe cardiac perils. To acquaint yourself with the causes of high diastolic blood pressure, read on.

High Diastolic Blood Pressure

Nobody really gets far by being a couch potato! Downing super-sized pints, binging on extra cheddar cheese and ham pizza and lounging on the sofa all day long only leaves one at the butt of severe health risks and tons of medical bills, if nothing else. That being said, even the paragons of good health often take their wellbeing for granted.  We hate to see the doctors unless downright necessary and show utmost complacency when dealing with our health foes. Quite sadly, we sit smugly until a minor condition blows up into a massive health offense and by then it’s too late to help. Remember, health is wealth. So you better treat your body like the way you would treat your dream Rolls Royce in your garage - with care. One of the most common health complaints that is often ignored by most of us is blood pressure. While blood pressure may sound like an everyday affair to most of you, know that having blood pressure reading anomalies like high systolic or diastolic reading can leave you with darting cholesterol levels and increases risk of cardiac diseases. Diastolic blood pressure means increased blood pressure between muscle contractions and spells a real threat if the reading exceeds the normal range of 90. To know more on what causes diastolic blood pressure, read on.
Causes Of High Diastolic Blood Pressure 
  • Are you overweight? Does your BMI (body mass index) value exceed 30? If yes, then beware, for you aren’t just fat, but sinfully obese. Obesity is more than just a matter of weighing a few extra pounds here and there and has often been associated with increased cardio risks and blood pressure anomalies. Obesity is deemed as one of the primary causes behind high diastolic blood pressure. People who weigh several pounds extra are at a greater risk of developing hypertension than normal people. That is because people who weigh a lot have extra fat and cholesterol in their bodies that exerts pressure on the arteries leading to diastolic blood pressure.
  • If your average diet consists of baked beans, greasy fries, oily burgers and saltines, then you cannot be far away from developing high cholesterol, which is rightfully deemed as the precursor of hypertension.  Also, if your usual fare is low in calcium and potassium and exceedingly high in sodium and calories, then watch it, for you may be inviting trouble for your heart and health.
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol doesn’t just leave one with chronic halitosis, but also a dangerously high diastolic blood pressure. Smoking can lead to nicotine buildup on the arteries thereby constricting the blood vessels and resulting in high diastolic blood pressure. Alcohol, on the other hand, contains too many calories that can leave you with darting blood pressure.
  • It is easy to forego health and fitness when gorging on pizzas and downing the pints. However, before you reach out for another can of beer, know that bad eating habits combined with a sedentary lifestyle and high stress can just get your blood pressure escalating. Lack of exercise and improper diet can wreck havoc on your arteries and lead to heart attacks, strokes and more.
  • Are you guilty of a poor lifestyle? When you are living on the edge, you are likely to keep your eye-shut and binge more, thereby stressing out your system and slowing down your metabolism. If you wish to bust the blood pressure threat for good, just dump the double diet, leave the chair, and head out for the gym to squash your calories. Not only will this leave you with slender effect and great metabolism, but it also reduces the risk of heart attacks and heart failure.

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