Want to know how compatible are you with your partner? Find some 'get to know you' questions for couples that will help you know each other better, with this write-up.

Get To Know You Questions For Couples

Is he worth my time or not? Is she serious about me? Am I being caught into a passing relationship? Are these some of the countless other questions that have been haunting you time and again? Do not fear. Every couple is frightened about such serious questions; lest they are ditched by their better halves at some time in the future. While every relationship starts off on a happy note, very few are able to sustain the happiness and take the relationship miles ahead. The most important reason for this-  not all devote enough time in knowing each other, as it is just the looks and similar hobbies that attracts them towards one another initially. Sharing the same food types and pets does not mean that the two of you have a blissful, long-term relationship. There are umpteen serious things that every couple should discuss and divulge to know each other to continue the relation splendid. To clarify all your doubts and thoughts, here are a few questions that you should ask your partner to know him/her better.
Questions For Couples To Get To Know Each Other
  • What is your idea of a perfect relationship?
  • Were you ever disappointed with yourself?
  • Are you afraid of commitment?
  • What is it that you want to marry me?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 10 or 20 years? Married? Kids?
  • What is the one thing you would change about yourself if you had the power to do so?
  • What, more than anything else, makes you feel loved?
  • Do you think that getting married changes anything about the relationship?
  • Have you learned any lessons from past relationships? What were they?
  • How many physical fistfights have you been in, in your life?
  • What is your biggest and worst fear? How do you feel it has limited or taken away from your enjoyment in life?
  • In your opinion, is it important for a couple to be friends as well?
  • What thing or things have I done that made you question that I love you?
  • If you could go back and relive with me any one day that we have had since we have been together what one day would it be and why?
  • Do you think your parents were good parents? What do you think they did wrong with their parenting?
  • What characteristics do you dislike in yourself?
  • Your favorite item of clothing and why?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be and who would it be with?
  • Do you like kids? Would you like to have kids someday?
  • Do you want a big lavish wedding, or a small intimate one?
  • What, according to you, matters the most in a marriage?
  • If given a complete freedom to start afresh, what profession would you choose and why?
  • Name one person whom you love the most and one person whom you hate the most.
  • Who was your first crush? Did you ever tell him/her about your feelings?
  • If you had a moment of weakness and cheated on me, would you come and confess and admit your mistake?
  • Have you lied to me about anything so far?
These questions will help you spark conversations with your partner and get to know him/her in detail. Hope they’ll ease and smooth out your relationship and make you a made-for-each-other couple!

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