Fat smash diet is a new approach towards achieving and balancing the desired body weight. Check out the article to know all about the fat smash diet plan.

Fat Smash Diet

Created by Dr. Ian K. Smith, the ‘Fat Smash Diet’ has gained popularity among the people who want to achieve the perfect “toned” body and maintain it as well. It comprises of a new approach towards achieving a balance in the desired body weight. The 90-day program is divided into four phases, each of them being fixed for a particular time. Unlike the traditional diet approaches, which aim to limit the intake of food, the fat smash diet allows you to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you like. Indulging in physical activities and drinking plenty of water are other important aspects of the fat smash diet. Go through the article and learn about the fat smash diet plan in detail.
Fat Smash Diet Plan By Dr. Ian Smith
Phase I
The first phase of fat smash diet plan is aimed at detoxifying the body. It lasts for 9 days. The diet plan mainly includes fruits and vegetables (either raw, steamed or grilled). Four to five small portions of fruits and vegetables are had, with plenty of water, with a gap of 3 hours between each serving. Cardiovascular exercises are undertaken, for 30 minutes, five days a week, to keep the body fit and help it absorb all the natural nutrients, including vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables. Phase I of fat smash diet is strictly vegetarian and helps get rid of toxins and impurities within the body.
Phase II
The second phase will last for 3 weeks. Along with fruits and vegetables, already served during the phase I, lean meat or seafood, selected cereals and dairy products make up the list of food for the phase II of fat smash diet. The level of physical activity is escalated and the person is required to do 15% more exercise than the previous phase. Fried foods are still avoided. This phase helps the person in developing good eating and exercising habits, so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Phase III
Phase III of fat smash diet includes additional foods, such as pasta and bread, apart from those included in the second phase. The portion sizes of each servings are also increased in this phase. The person is allowed to have one non-fruit dessert per day. He indulges in 25% more physical activity as compared to the second phase. The third phase will last for 4 weeks.
Phase IV
The remaining days of the 90-day regimen form the fourth and the last phase of fat smash diet. This phase aims to develop healthy eating and exercise habits in the individual, so as to achieve a balance in the desired body weight of the person. If the goal of achieving the desired body weight is not achieved, the person repeats the entire diet plan, once again.

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