Kazakhstan is a country situated in both Asia and Europe, which stands bordering the Caspian Sea. Check out some more fun and interesting facts about Kazakhstan.

Facts About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world, which falls in Central Asia as well as Europe. It stands bordered by Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and China. Forming one of the boundaries of the country is the majestic Caspian Sea, the only inland sea in the world that is also famous for its caviar. The geography of Kazakhstan is as varied as the identity of its people, who belong to more than 120 nationalities. The colossal virgin landscapes, of the country comprise of a unique mix of deserts, steppes, savannas, taiga, tundra, wild forests, pristine lakes and rivers. Apart from that, one can also find soaring mountains and glaciers, up to 7,000 m, adorning its landscape. In case you want to know more about Kazakhstan, make use of the information provided below.
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Fun & Interesting Facts about Kazakhstan
  • The official name of Kazakhstanis the ‘Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • The official language of Kazakhstanis Kazak, though Russian is also widely spoken there.
  • Majority of the population in Kazakhstanfollows the religion of Islam, followed by Orthodox Christians, Protestants and Others.
  • Kazakhs form the largest group in Kazakhstan, followed by Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars and Germans.
  • The currency of Kazakhstanis Tenge.
  • The capital of Kazakhstanis Astana.
  • Kazakhstanfollows the system of Presidential Republic.
  • Apart from being the world's largest landlocked country, Kazakhstan is also the ninth largest country in the world.
  • Kazakhstan has the 62nd largest population in the world, with a density of less than 6 people per sq km.
  • Kazakhstan declared independence from the Soviet Union on December 16, 1991.
  • Kazakhstan is a member of the United Nations, NATO's Partnership for Peace, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
  • Kazakhstan will chair the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in 2010.
  • Lake Balkhash of Kazakhstan is one of the largest lakes in the world.
  • One half of Lake Balkhash consists of fresh water, while the other half is made up of salt water.
  • Kazakhstan was amongst the first Central Asian countries, outside Turkmenistan, to breed the Akhal-Teke horse, in 1930.
  • The traditional nomad home of a Kazakh is known as ‘Yurta’ and it comprises of collapsible tent, with a wooden frame, covered with felt.
  • Turkestan, the historical centre of Kazakhstan's culture, was founded over fifteen centuries ago.
  • Hodja Ahmed Yasavi Mausoleum in Turkestan forms a pilgrim place for Central Asian Muslims.
  • Until the end of 1998, Almaty served as the capital of Kazakhstan. It has been named after the apple trees that grow in the area.
  • The first manned space flight from the Baykonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan was made in 1961, by Yuryi Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut.
  • Oil, coal, iron ore, manganese, chromite, lead, zinc, copper and titanium make up the major industries of Kazakhstan.
  • The word "Kazakh" means "independent" or "wanderer".
  • Until the mid-20th century, the ethnic Kazakhs lived as pastoral nomads.
  • Kazakhstan became the first former Soviet republic to repay all of its debt to the IMF in 2000, seven years before it was due.
  • Kazakhstan is believed to be the country where man first climbed on a horse, thousands of years ago.
  • Archeological excavations conducted in Kazakhstan suggest that it is the homeland of the Amazons, the brave women warriors.
  • Kazakhstan was the second largest republic of the former Soviet Union.
  • The national bird of Kazakhstan is the Golden Eagle, while Dombra is its national instrument.
  • Smoked sausages made of qazy are a specialty of Kazakhstan.
  • Kazakhstan has three time zones.
  • Kazakhstan is a multinational state, which is inhabited by people belonging to more than 120 nationalities.

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