Surrounded by beautiful beaches and some serene environment, the Royal Palm resort located at Mauritius provides the visitors with some of the best facilities and amenities.

Royal Palm Hotel Mauritius

Located in Mauritius, the Royal Palm hotel is one of the most elegant hotels of the world. It is situated alongside the Mauritius beach, towards the northern coast. The Royal Palm is also a member of the 'Leading Hotels of the World'. The staff of the hotel is really warm and accommodating, and provides the ultimate experience in Mauritian hospitality.
Royal Palm Hotel Mauritius
It is the perfect place to get away from the daily chores of life and to relax the mind and senses. It is like a palace where one can enjoy the best facilities the hotel has on offer. It is not hard to notice why the Royal Palm is considered as a leading hotel of the world. The Royal Palm hotel combines traditional lifestyle of Mauritius with international standards of luxury. 
There is a wide range of options available in the hotel when it comes to accommodating the visitors. In all, there are 84 suites which are decorated beautifully in soft natural tones, and have exquisitely designed wardrobes and bathrooms that are made of pure marble. The interiors of each of the suite feature a lovely mixture of traditional and modern looks.
Each suite provides the visitor with a sober yet flamboyant experience, and is a mixture of both, eastern and western culture. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available outdoor where one can enjoy the food while soaking in the spectacular view of the beach. One can also enjoy the lovely sea breeze from the private terrace that is provided with each suite.
The Junior suites, on the other hand feature some of the most beautifully designed interiors that one can find. These suites feature one-bed accommodation. While the interiors provide a sense of distinction, the exquisite furnitures are a marvel to look at.
Then, there are the Tropical and Palm Suites which are located on the ground floor and the first floor of the hotel, and are immensely spacious. The Garden suites on the other hand feature two bedrooms with an elegantly designed bathroom that is suitable for families who are traveling with children.
There is also the Royal Suite which is the absolute best when it comes to space and luxury during your stay at the Royal Palm. This suite is referred as "the 135" by the visitors visiting the hotel. It contains two palatial bedrooms with bathrooms, out of which one is equipped with a hammam. The entrance door to the suite leads to the living area which further opens up into a beautiful terrace and a huge swimming pool.
For visitors who are looking for top of the line accommodation options, there is the Senior Suite, Penthouse or a Presidential Suite on offer as well. 
Food And Beverages
The Royal Palm Hotel is known for its food, beverages and dining. The cuisine offered here is among the best one can find anywhere in the world. It is an absolute culinary experience in itself that any tourist staying in the hotel must experience
Then, there is the La Goelette which is a terrace restaurant. It has acquired an international status during all these years. Here, one can find some international and local cuisines, which combines the world's finest ingredients.
If you are looking for a sumptuous dinner, then the La Table du Capitaine offers the experience that you are bound to remember. There are multi-cultural cuisines that are available for the visitors round the clock. Private dinners can also be hosted here. One can also have private dinner on the terrace of the suite where they are staying. The restaurant offers a private waiter exclusively for the guest’s service, as well.
There is also the Natureaty Restaurant for people who want to taste some delicate flavors made out of the natural ingredients combined with a perfect Asian influence. Located at the beachfront, this restaurant offers a magnificent view of the natural surroundings as well. However, for people who are looking to have a cool drink in one of the most beautiful environment, the Le Bar is the place to be. It is a terrace bar which provides a beautiful view of the Mauritius beach where the visitors can enjoy a drink while marveling at the serene and quiet environment that the Royal Palm hotel has to offer.
The various amenities provided by the Royal Palm hotel, Mauritius are
  • Pick up to and fro hotel on a Rolls Royce
  • Spa
  • Clubs
  • Private Beach
  • Health Club
  • Waiter facilities
  • Library
  • Car Rental

Royal Palm Hotel Mauritius   
Royal Palm Hotel Mauritius
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