Jamaica is an intriguing Caribbean country with a matchless charm of its own. Read on to know more on interesting and fun facts about this country.

Facts About Jamaica

If you thought that Jamaica was all about sun-kissed beaches, tropical drinks, reggae concerts and finger-licking barbecue, hold on, for there is more to this Caribbean island than just its food and music. Nestled in the Caribbean Sea, the island nation of Jamaica lies to the south of Cuba and west of Haiti and is the largest island of the Commonwealth Caribbean. Formerly a home to the Arawak tribes and a coveted domain of the Spanish regime, Jamaica, erstwhile known as Santiago, was conquered by the English in 1655 and was colonized and re-christened as ‘Jamaica’ by British settlers. Nonetheless, Jamaica fashioned a new history by becoming the first Caribbean nation to win independence in the year 1962. However, English influence is still perceived in several aspects of Jamaican life. The political and legal traditions of the country are largely modeled after the United Kingdom where the executive power vests exclusively with the cabinet. Jamaica is a mixed economy where both state enterprises and private sector industries have equal say. Tourism is the largest industry in Jamaica with agriculture, mining, manufacturing and insurance sectors adding to its economic spine. The Jamaican population comprises of people of African descent, but a sizeable number of Americans, Germans, Scottish, Irish and English people also reside in the country.
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Interesting And Fun Facts About Jamaica 
  • Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island in the world after Cuba and Hispaniola.
  • Did you know that Seville and not Kingston was the first capital of Jamaica?
  • Jamaica was the first Caribbean nation to win independence. It was declared independent on August 6, 1962.
  • Jamaica is the home to the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the Western hemisphere.
  • Did you know that Jamaica was one of the first Western countries to have a railway of their own, much before the United States?
  • The city of Port Royal in Jamaica was labeled as ‘the wickedest city on the earth’ before it was destroyed by a series of natural calamities in 1907?
  • Did you know that Jamaica is the only country in the world to have more multiple (two or more) live births than anywhere else?
  • Jamaica is the first Western country to sign the ‘Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis’ grant agreement.
  • Jamaica was the first colony to be acquired by England by conquest.
  • The Blue Mountains in Jamaica, which are touted as a hiker’s and camper’s paradise, were first to be sighted by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage to the New World in 1494.
  • Jamaica is the home to the Giant Swallowtail, which is the second largest butterfly in the world.
  • Jamaica was the first Caribbean nation to liberalize the telecommunications sector.
  • Jamaica is the birthplace of Robert ("Bob") Marley.
  • Did you know that Jamaica is the home to 120 rivers and constitutes 16% of surface water?
  • The Blue Mountain district in Jamaica produces one of the best forms of coffee in the world.
  • Dreadlocks, also called dreads or locks, the iconic hairstyle of the Jamaicans is more than just a fashion statement. It represents the island’s culture and their deep-rooted penchant for the reggae genre of music.
  • Did you know that Jerk sauce is actually a world-famous recipe from Jamaica?

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