Transform your peepers from a plain feel to the fabulous and perfect look with some simple eye makeup tricks. Steer through this article for tips and secrets for great eye makeup.

Eye Makeup Tricks

Blue, brown, hazel, or green, eyes are regarded as the windows to the soul, allowing one to exchange glances and to better grasp one’s personality and emotions. Human eyes are the perfect revealer of not only joy and elation, but also of sadness, melancholy, and distress. Those little secrets, that are otherwise missed whilst dealing with people we love and respect, are communicated through the pensive and mysterious eyes. Whether you are on the verge of seducing your crush or trying to exchange a wink, whilst enjoying an amusing joke, your long, dark eyelashes are sufficient to attract men towards you. As such, made-up eyes can better reveal and attract guys towards you as opposed to the naked eyes. Learn how to artfully and professionally apply eye makeup giving your eyes that perfect oomph through some simple tips and tricks. Look through the following lines and get seductive, sexy, glamorous, polished, and beautiful eyes.
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Eye Makeup Tips And Secrets
Define Your Eyebrows
Well-defined eyebrows help in achieving a polished and sophisticated eye makeup. Leaving your brows unruly and disorganized simply means you are giving your eyes a great opportunity to miss that natural eye look. Hence, bring out your eyes by tweezing or waxing excess hair, proceeding with combing the brows down. Highlight them by applying a brow highlighter in half shade lighter than the natural hair color. Keep the hair in place by spraying a tiny amount of hairspray on your brows.
Apply A Base
Applying base products help in retaining the makeup throughout the day and prevent it from smearing. Apply the base before you proceed with the main eye makeup. Allow it to dry completely and then continue with eye shadow and eyeliner. To get the right base, you can use a dab of foundation, some pressed powder, or a light colored eye shadow. However, you can even find products in the market designed especially to be used as a base.
Choose The Perfect Colors
Considering your eyes and complexion, you have several options to choose your eye makeup colors. Say, for instance, you can experiment with smoky grey tones, blue, dark brown, light pink, white, and black for brown eyes. Similarly, for small eyes, go for shimmery tones, such as blue, brown, gray, or green, while for larger eyes, deep and warm shades, like dark brown or black can do the job.
Curl Your Lashes
To give your peepers a dramatic appearance, take an extra one minute to define your eyelashes. Curl your eyelashes and apply one coat of mascara immediately. Open up your eyes and you have more defined and large eyelashes. However, if you have never used a lash curler, consult an expert to learn the right technique.
Apply Eyeliner
Applying the right amount of eyeliner is a tricky job. While applying too much of it can give your eyes a smaller feel, dabbing too little will hardly be noticed. For long lasting eyeliner, use mascara instead of eyeliner. Pull the corner of the eye slightly outward, dip a thin liquid eyeliner brush into a mascara tube, and apply a thin, smooth line on the top and bottom eyelids. You can apply a thicker and darker line for a dramatic look, or leave it thin and light for a subtle definition. For smoky eyes, blend darker shades of brown or gray with the applied eyeliner after it has dried.

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