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Beauty Tips And Tricks

You are undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the world. Those deep eyes, perfect lashes, full mouth, chiseled jaw-lines and sharp chin; there is absolutely nothing you would like to change about yourself, we get that! But still, there is this desire in you to stand out and look refreshing and gorgeous. It is only natural to feel this way. It does not matter if you are naturally beautiful or not (we tend to believe that you all are beautiful in your own unique ways), you have to adorn those beautiful parts of your beauty to be the talk of the town. Why not highlight those big and beautiful eyes, make them seem surreal. Each and every bit of your face and body should glint with perfection. Every immaculate feature of your beauty should stand out individually, like a star. You should, in fact, look like a splendid galaxy, a conglomeration of gorgeous stars. It is one hundred percent achievable; all you got to do is understand what you should highlight and what you should hide. Pay more emphasis on the features that you are confident about and let the ones that you are not too sure of, take a back seat. You can be like all those exquisite models that you look at in the beauty magazines, flipping through the pages, thinking that it is a virtue they are born with. The truth is perfection is realizable. You can accomplish perfection with just a few smart tips. You do not have to sit in the salon for hours, spend a hell lot of money and feel cheated; you can be your own beautician and give yourself a diva makeover. All you need are some tools and techniques to craft yourself into an alluring goddess. We are here to provide you with these tools and techniques, our precise beauty tips and tricks will help you achieve exactly what you are looking for. Here is your guide to a ravishing you:
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Beauty & Makeup Tricks
  • Shine Like A Star: To get that Hollywood glow like J Lo’s, products like “skin illuminators” can be used to keep the skin glowing round the clock. They reflect the light from your skin to give the skin a smoother and younger look.
  • Flawless Complexion: For a skin prone to enlarged pores, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, the answer is Silicone Primers. They hide the flaws of the skin thereby creating a totally flawless complexion.
  • Moist & Glowy: For a radiant and fresh-faced look application, you can start with a primer. Add a moisturizing cream or a lotion with a little dash of pearl essence and blend this over your entire face. You can also mix this with a foundation. For a more subtle glow, a buttery cream foundation that stays moist on the skin can be used.
  • Lustrous: If you are on a budget then you can skip the cosmetic counter and drive straight to the local chemist store for Pepto Bismol. This diarrhea curative, containing salicylic acid in the right quantity, can get your skin glowing. Coat your face with it, let it stay for a few minutes, wash it off, and put on the desired makeup. This will give you a skin that shines lustrously even through the makeup.
  • Sun-kissed: To get that much-desired sun-kissed look without actually tanning yourself, use the pinky-brown shade of a powdered face bronzer. Apply it using a fat brush and feather it into the hairline, under the jaw and on the neck for the natural appeal.
  • Refreshed Look: To get rid of any puffiness of the face, dip a steel spoon in ice, press the back of the spoon on the affected area, and watch the puffiness disappear immediately.
  • Blemish-free: To give the effects of skin free from blemishes, pat concealer over the pimple generously till it blends in the rest of the skin. Then apply foundation. Take the pimple in your stride when using a blush-on and the pimple will vanish.
  • Say No To Dark Circles: For minor to medium dark circles, pick a blue-based concealer. This will reflect light making your eyes appear brighter. For extra heavy dark circles, the trick is to neutralize the darkness using yellow or orange color concealer. Alternatively, you can also use foundation two shades lighter than your skin for the under eyes and blend till the desired effect is seen.
  • Conceal It: Best under-eye concealers are thin and not sticky or patchy. The trick is to pat them on and build layers till the required look is achieved. Rubbing them on only makes, your eyes look darker.
  • Foxy Eyes: For a smoky look, avoid piling up shades of dark colors on your eyelids. Instead, start with at least three smoky shadows like blue grey, brown, olive, grey etc and blend them together on the whole lid. Now, instead of going for run-of-the-mill black, finish with grey or soft blue eyeliner. Smudge the liner with the shadow a little while it’s still wet and complete the look with false eyelashes.
  • Perfect Lashes: As an alternate to false eyelashes, you can also use a product called Fast Lash. Apply a coat of your mascara then touch it up with Fast Lash so that the fibres stick. Then apply another coat of mascara to get that envious false eyelash look.
  • Smudge-free: To make a smudge proof liner, thin it with a drop of Visene (the eye drops). This would make eye lining easier and also help it last longer.
  • Delicious Lips: To get the juicy lips look, apply a little ordinary cinnamon oil on them. It brings the blood to the lips and maintains the juicy look for about 4 hours. However, make sure to test the oil on your wrist first to avoid the many allergies like itching & flaking incidental to cinnamon oil.
  • Shiny Pout: Put a clear dot of a shiny gloss on the top of your lip color, in the centre of the top and bottom lips. It adds a reflective quality to your lips, giving it a 3D effect; which will turn it into a pout to die for. To make it even poutier, brush on a little beige eye shadow on to the edge of the upper lip. This trick will be especially helpful if someone has a bigger lower lip, it will give proportion to your lips.
  • Devil Red: If you are keen on the seductive red color for your lips, then the important thing to remember is to go light on the eyes and keep your skin pale so that the pop of your lips will look bigger. Red is a very bold color for lips, to keep your face drama-free, splurge on the mascara and keep your eyes shadow free. Go easy on the blush as well.
  • Add More Volume: For a voluminous look, blow-dry your hair from the underneath and then use the hairspray also from underneath. This will give you the much-desired oomph in your hairstyle.
  • Ten Minute Rule: Apply any of the products that you want to use on your hair, like: heat resistant sprays, mousse, hair styling sprays, etc. ten minute before setting your hair with a blow dryer or a curler or hair straightener. This is important to let the product get fully soaked into your hair and work its magic.
  • Perfumed locks: You can spray your favorite perfume on to the inside of your hair or take oil-based perfume on your fingertips and run it through the strands. Your hair will smell deliciously beautiful the whole day.

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