The practice of showering a mother-to-be with gifts for her & her baby is what baby shower is all about. Make the occasion extremely special by exploring ideas for some unique & creative gifts.

Creative Baby Shower Gifts

From times immemorial, we have seen friends and family members of an expectant mother gathering at her home to make her feel special and keep her feeling happy at a time, when it is very natural to have sudden mood swings. The practice of assembling at the would-be-mother-to-be’s home with gifts in hand for her and the unborn baby what is known as baby shower. It is an occasion chiefly meant to gift the would-be mother gifts that would help her with the upcoming responsibility and make her at ease. While it is a blissful time for the host, it is natural for the invitees to experience themselves as if they were at wit’s end while picking up the gifts, for the present should not only be suitable for the baby but also be unique in its regard. While it is difficult to buy a unique gift from the market, as every store these days have the same stuff nowadays, it is easy when you make your own present. However, if you are time constrained and cannot make a gift on your own, we present you ideas that would help you add a touch of creativity on the present that you will be gifting. Go ahead and make the expectant mother happy and elated.
Unique Gift Ideas For Baby Shower
Crib Shoe
Though shoes for an unborn may sound a little odd, we can assure you that crib shoes are both useful and unique when it comes to baby shower gifts. Coming with a bare minimum price tag, crib shoes have soft soles which are good for a baby’s feet. They help keep the socks on the baby feet intact, thus preventing it from cold. Crib shoes are available in different colors and designs and they are extremely cute.
Feeding Products
What else could an expectant mother need the most than products that assist her while feeding her baby? Traditionally, feeding products include a feeding bottle, a burp towel and a bib. However, if you are looking for something unique then go for a basket that includes feeding pillows as well. These pillows are designed in such a way that they fit into the lap of a mother and help her to breastfeed as well as bottle feed her child better. The baby can sleep comfortably, thus making nursing an easier process.
Sleeping Sack
A sleep sack is one in which a baby is placed when it is sleeping. The sleep sack usually comes with a zipper; therefore you do not have to feel scared that your baby will fall off while sleeping. It can also act as a warm covering during the winter season. Go for ones that are soft and ensure a comfortable nap. Get a sleeping sack that has an attractive design and is colorful to look at.
Swaddle Blankets
Some infants are allergic to blankets and tend to feel suffocated when wrapped with one. This is where swaddling blankets come to play. A swaddling blanket wraps the baby and helps the baby to have a comfortable sleep. It helps ease newborns from the shock of being out of the womb, by recreating the sense of support. Swaddling blankets also relieve the effect of colic by providing gentle and even pressure around the abdomen
Diaper Cake
This is perhaps the most creative present for baby shower. Now you would be thinking how can diaper and cake go hand in hand? Well, it can and the combination can be quite a marvelous gift for the mother-to-be and the unborn baby. For those who are still confused, a diaper cake isn’t meant for eating. It, in fact, is a cake made of diapers, which, by far, is the most useful object in a newborn’s life. Diaper cake can be made in one, two or three tiers according to your choice and budget. And if you want to enhance the overall appeal, you can decorate the cake with various baby products like bottles, bibs and small toys.
Imagine you had just experienced the most memorable moment of your life, but didn’t have a camera to capture it forever! Sad, isn’t it? For you may remember the moment all through your life, but the finer details of the same would get lost over a period of time, which is very natural. It is here that camera comes into picture, helping you to arrest the moment and every detail of the same. What can be more interesting than to give the expectant parents a high-resolution camera that would help them capture all the firsts and unforgettable instances of their newborn forever?
Hope these ideas clear your mind blockage and help you gift an impressive, unique and creative gift to the expectant mother.

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