Looking to add wings to your cheerleading aspirations? Read this article about cheerleading stunts and learn to fly.

Cheerleading Stunts

So you’ve embarked upon an important responsibility-laden journey to motivate your team and keep the audience entertained. A bit too heavy, isn’t it? Okay let’s cheer it up a little. You know you didn’t become a cheerleader to cheer your team but to be in the spotlight; but that doesn’t mean that the audience won’t be entertained. Shaking your pom poms and dancing to “shake you bon bon” song ain’t going to do it though. You’ve got to take it up a notch; got to stunt it up. That’s right; you got to stunt it up! No need to lower your pom poms and look all scared because we are not going to make you perform any of the Hollywood-ish gravity-defying stunts with fiery explosions. We are just talking about some normal acrobatics that will make the entire audience go “whoa” in unison. What’s more, you don’t need to be a gymnast or an aerobic-instructor to be able to perform these stunts. What you do need is little athleticism, flexibility, and a lot of practice to perform these eye-popping stunts. Below have been listed a few easy cheerleading stunts that are a good way to tune-up the audience with anticipation.
Easy Cheerleading Stunts
Prep or Extension Prep
One of the easiest cheerleading stunts to perform is Prep. It requires four cheerleaders; one flyer, two bases, and one spotter. It requires the flyer to stand with one foot in each of the bases’ hands, held at shoulder level. The bases need to hold each of flyer’s foot by the collar bone. The spotter stands at the back of the flyer holding her ankles or knees for better support, while performing the stunt. With hands extended in an overhead position, the flyer can turn this stunt from prep to extension prep.
Involving a little more acrobats and flexibility is scorpion. It is a variation of the prep stunt. It requires three cheerleaders; one flyer and two bases. The bases hold the flyer by the right foot and the flyer tries to balance her weight on the right leg. When the flyer has made her balance at the hands of the bases, she needs to slowly bend her left leg upwards behind the body until the toes reach close to back of the head. The position will resemble a scorpion’s tail.
Shoulder Sit
Another easy cheerleading stunt to perform is shoulder sit. It requires three cheerleaders; one flyer, one base, and one spotter. The base lunges down with her right leg bent at 90 degree. The flyer needs to stand behind the base and place her right foot at the base’s right leg, as near to the hip area as possible and then jumps up while simultaneously flexing her left leg over her shoulder and place the left foot at the base’s left leg, again as near to the hip area as possible. As soon as the flyer rests her left foot, the base should stand and the spotter should get behind the pair for support.
Thigh Stand
A thigh stand is another easy and safe stunt to perform. It requires one flyer and two bases. The two bases need to stand side by side in a lunge. One base needs to lunge to the right and the other to the left with the bent legs facing each other. The flyer then needs to place one foot one base’s thigh and other foot on other base’s thigh, as near the hip area as possible in both cases. As soon as the flyer rests both her feet, the bases need to stand up together in one motion to complete the stunt.
These easy-to-perform cheerleading stunts are a perfect way to fire up the audience, before the start of that all-important match. Go on and boost the morale of your team!

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