Cannes is a beautiful city in the Aples-Maritimes department of Cote d'Azur region in France. It offers many interesting tourist attractions. Check out the places to see and things to do in Cannes.

Cannes Attractions

Location: France
Cannes Attractions
Language: French
Best Time to Visit: May to August
Time Zone: UTC+2
Driving Side: Right side
Main Attractions: Palais des Festivals et des Congres, Musee de la Castre, La Croissete, Musee de la Mer
Cannes is a beautiful city in the Aples-Maritimes department in the Cote d'Azur region in southeastern France. It is perhaps one of the best known cities in the whole of France. It is also a very busy tourist destination and also hosts the annual Cannes Film Festival. Cannes is home to many luxurious houses and huge mansions as well as many high-end communities.
Cannes is also very famous for its luxury stores, fancy restaurants, and prestigious hotels. This place is also famous for its weather. Cannes gets 12 hours of sunshine per day during summers (May to September) while during the winters the weather is really pleasant and mild.
In this article we tell you about the famous tourist attractions of Cannes. Read on to find out the places to go and things to do in Cannes.
There are a number of important places to be seen in the city of Cannes. Following are some of the important places of sightseeing that one must visit in Cannes.
Palais des Festivals et des Congres - This site hosts the famous Cannes Film Festival each year. Even when the festival has been done with, one can quite easily imagine and feel the glamour that this place is associated with. Once here, make sure you stop at the convention center, which hosts many events all round the year. Here, you can find many handprints of some famous celebrities which are embedded in flagstones just outside the building, which must not be missed.
Musee de la Castre - The chateau in Cannes has been converted into a beautiful museum which has some of the most exquisite artwork that one can ever find. Make sure you check out the castle tower for a breathtaking view of the Cannes below. It is located in the former chateau of the Lerins Isles. Here, one can see some 19th century paintings by some of the local artists which depict Cannes. There is also a collection of about 200 musical instruments, located here.
La Croissette - This beautiful sidewalk perfectly symbolizes the glamour that Cannes has been associated with. One can find many vendors here who sell some beautiful souvenirs. You can also easily see the big billboards promoting the Cannes Film Festival. There are some wonderful cafes located here as well, just by the beach-side, which are perfect for relaxing.
lIe St Marguerite (St Marguerite Island) - It takes a 15-minute boat ride from Cannes to get here but it is said that it took "The Man in the Iron Mask" 11 years to leave this tiny island. Although this mysterious person’s legend is famous in Cannes, but his identity was never known.
Musee de la Mer - This is quite a unique museum which is dedicated to the prison system and underwater archaeology collections. The main highlight of this museum is that it is devoted to the mysterious 'Man in the Iron Mask'. 
There are a number of museums in the city. Some of the famous museums of Cannes are the following.
Fragonard Museum - This museum was originally built during the 1600s and it now houses the history of one of the oldest perfumeries of France. It also has an old factory which provides a rich history of the whole perfume making process.
Malmaison Museum - This beautiful museum is located in a 19th century mansion. It has beautiful art depictions and also contains some magnificent gardens in its premises which showcase some exquisite artwork.
Musee de la Marine - This museum was built as a memorial to Admiral Francois-Joseph Paul and it showcases almost 30 model ships.
Musee de la Photographie - This museum is for those who love photography. It showcases the art of photography and regularly exhibits work of various artists. It is situated near the Saint - Jacques Majeur Church. It displays photographs, both in color and black and white, of some of the very well known French photographers. This museum also contains a collection of Pablo Picasso photographs by a number of photographers. 
Cannes is very famous for the plethora of entertainment options that it provides to its visitors. With everything from top notch restaurants to bars, casinos and nightclubs, one is sure to enjoy his vacation in Cannes.
If it is nightlife you are looking for, then Cannes has got just the right places that you must visit. Casinos are very popular in the city. Some of the most famous casinos include Palm Beach Casino at Pointe de la Croisette, Casino Croisette at the Palais des Festivals and Casino des Princes boulevard de la Croisette.
Although Cannes is not known for its traditional theatre venues but there are a number of small places within the city that hosts regular sketches and theatre programs as well. There is also the annual International Actors' Performance Festival held here which showcases some sketches by various artists. Some of the popular theatres located at Cannes are the Escape Miramar and the Alexandre III. 
The culinary specialty of the restaurants in Cannes can be attributed to the fact that many of them have been internationally recognized for their efforts. You will also find that many renowned chefs residing in the city of Cannes make dining an unforgettable experience for you.
If you are looking for gourmet cuisines, then Cannes has many elegant restaurants for you to choose from. Restaurants like The Majestic Martinez, the restaurant at Hotel Gray d'Albion and Cariton offer some mouth watering cuisine coupled with some amazing views.

Cannes, France  
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