Fenugreek has been associated with a number of benefits, since ages. With this article, you will get to explore the health benefits of fenugreek seeds.

Benefits Of Fenugreek

Fenugreek, also known as Greek Hay, is an amazing herb that is readily available in our kitchen. Many of us swear by the tasty methi paranthas in the breakfast and can even vouch for its taste, but still are ignorant of its medicinal properties and health benefits resulting from them. The truth is that this powerful herb’s properties have an endless range and can cure a number of ailments, apart from serving as a beauty product to sexpert to medicinal connoisseur. Here, we have listed the major benefits of fenugreek seeds.
Health Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds
Helps Treat Diabetes & Reduce Cholesterol
Fenugreek proves to be a very good agent in reducing bad cholesterol from the body. Our forefathers have also been using it to treat diabetes since centuries, as it helps in reducing glucose in blood and urine. You can consume it either by incorporating it in your diet or chewing its seeds (after soaking them overnight).
Aids Digestion
Fenugreek helps in maintaining a good metabolism and prevents constipation. It purifies blood and helps in flushing out the harmful toxins. It helps in dissolving excess mucus, thereby making the digestive organ refreshed and clean. Also fenugreek seeds are useful in improving memory power too.
Prevents Hair Loss
This natural herb has very potent seeds, which help treat balding, thinning of hair and hair fall. To create the hair tonic, boil the fenugreek seeds, readily available in market and then soak them in coconut oil, overnight. The next morning, massage your head with this potion for five minutes, concentrating on the balding areas. Repeat it every day and in a few months, you will see the difference.
Helps In Losing Weight
This herb is very effective in losing weight. With the assistance of proper diet and exercise, fenugreek can work wonder on your body. The fiber in fenugreek fills the stomach, even when consumed in a little amount. Soak a few fenugreek seeds in water and chew them in the morning, on an empty stomach.
Antidote For Skin Problems
Fenugreek seeds prove to be an excellent beauty product. They help prevent wrinkles, blackheads, pimples, dryness and rashes. Apply a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves, mixed with water, over the face and keep it for twenty minutes. Then wash it with warm water. You can even wash your face with water, boiled with fenugreek seeds. It can also be applied on the inflamed body parts and as a cosmetic product too.
Good For Beauty & Health
Fenugreek helps attain hormonal balance in women and therefore, helps in enlargement of breasts. It is an essential ingredient of many breast enhancer medicines and is widely used in commercial preparation. Also, it helps increase the lactation in breast feeding women. It can even reduce labor pain and induce child birth in a woman. Moreover, it reduces the menstrual discomfort and eases menstrual cramps.
Prevents Dandruff & Strengthens Hair
Not only does fenugreek help prevent hair loss, but also keeps the dandruff away. If applied on the hair, it makes it shiny and black. You can either make a conditioning potion by grinding its seeds and directly applying it to head or integrate it in your diet. Either ways, it helps preventing dandruff, keeps the hair lice free and make it black and shiny.

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