Looking to reflect your style through the colors of the room that belongs to you? Read this article about bedroom color scheme ideas and start selecting the colors now.

Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

If there’s any room in your entire house where you can crash land after a long tiring day at work, where you can hide yourself after involuntarily being encountered to a scary looking stranger, where you can shut yourself in after having a fight with your spouse or parents, or where you can be in peace with yourself, it’s the bedroom. In direct tongue, a bedroom is your private sanctuary. Your abode! And it’s only probable that you want to have it decorated, styled, and colored in your own way. So look inside your brains and find out what color they are, metaphorically! You don’t have to worry about what colors you find appealing and around which you feel one with yourself, because with the ever growing range of wall colors and modern decorative items you can almost find any color and have it across your bedroom. To get you going, we have mentioned some color schemes for your bedroom.
Bedroom Color Ideas
Cool Blue Scheme
If you want to give your bedroom a cool and soothing aura, then colors like blue, violet, and green are there for you. With a hint of white on the ceiling, a dash of green on other walls, and a sought-out combination with matching furniture and accessories (curtains, pillow covers, and bed sheets), you can take your bedroom to a new level from where you wouldn’t want to get out.
Warm Red Scheme
If you’re from the warmer side of the globe (mentally), then colors like red and orange will do the needful for you. However, if going for a warmer look, try to use lighter shades of the same color scheme; lest you start to see everything dripped in blood (because of the brightness). Orange should be avoided as it will be too vibrant and looks good only on a rainbow.
Chocolate Scheme
It is a popular color scheme chosen by many from the masculine gender. Colors like chocolate, chocolate brown and earthly brown make up the choices with little variations available. Try having a combination of 2-3 colors of the same color group to have an enhanced and a more structured color scheme in your bedroom. Using dark red in accordance with the chocolate color can have wonderful grace reflected out of your room.
Pink Scheme
This one’s for the girls out there and the ladies who still have a little girl in them. Colors like pink, burgundy, and the variations available in them make for the choices. A color scheme with combination of white and pink is considered an ideal choice if you’re a girl wanting to decorate your room. Again, combination of 2-3 colors or variations within the same color group can give your bedroom a whole new dimension.
Elegant White Scheme
This one’s for everybody. If you’re looking to give your bedroom rich, elegant, and royal feel then colors like white, cream, grey, and pale gold make up for your choices. A color scheme with combination of white and pale gold or 2-3 set of color combination can transform your bedroom from an ordinary room to a rich luxurious suite.
For best effect, you can have one wall with textured paint and the other walls with normal uniform paint. And with furniture and accessories chosen according to the bedroom’s color scheme, you can have a wonderful theme that will reflect the hidden art of your beautiful color selection.

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