If you can’t stand kitchen chaos and wish to break free from kitchen clutter, then knowing how to organize a kitchen should make your life simple. For more on this, read on.

How To Organize A Kitchen

Are you someone who loves to cook, but squirm at the thought of scouring through overflowing kitchen shelves to salvage a bottle of chili flakes? You may be the unsung curator of chic kitchen appliances, fixtures and cabinets, but unless you know how to keep clutter at bay, your kitchen is no better than a dingy hash house. A cluttered kitchen is an eyesore to all. However, decluttering the kitchen space and tidying up the pantry is one chore that most people dread. Your kitchen is one area that tends to get cluttered easily. With overflowing closets, unused juicers and toasters, crummy sponges, stray pots and pans and food scraps infringing into your kitchen space, it’s easy for your kitchen to look like an untidy chemistry lab. Remember, cooking is therapeutic and working in a scruffy space can just make this therapeutic chore a real drag. So, if you have been thinking of decluttering the closet or cabinet that has been bugging you for a while, it is the right time to get started. To make your task easier and guide you through the ordeal, here are a few expert tips on how to organize a kitchen.
Organizing A Kitchen
Take Stock Of The Clutter 
If you do not wish to wake up every morning to a kitchen piled up with leftovers, stray pans, roving dishcloths and oven mitts or spend hours digging through the drawers for spatulas and forks, then you have to take stock of the clutter first. The cue is to size up all the unwanted stuff like cleaning supplies, the juicer, holiday dishes, bills and bulbs and stash them in their own “go-to-area”. Getting rid of these unnecessary items won’t just declutter your kitchen space, but will also max out your kitchen area, which means you won’t have to stash your groceries and cooking supplies in the most unwanted corners of your kitchen
Germproof Your Kitchen 
If you don’t want people to be appalled after looking at your kitchen, make sure that your kitchen counters are clean and sparkling. Empty your kitchen drawers and shelves and dust them regularly. Squirt some home-cleaning liquid over the toaster, cooking range, refrigerator and oven and wipe it and allow it to dry. Rinse your kitchen sink with water and run a cleaning sponge over the bowl and the faucet for a squeaky-clean kitchen.
Group The Items 
When organizing your kitchen, it’s important to sort out things and put kitchen items in order. Instead of stashing your utensils, groceries, veggies, spices and scrubs in the free corners of your kitchen, dedicate some space in the cabinet shelves or storage units to your most-used kitchen items. In that way, you won’t have to dig through racks to get hold of chili flakes or frantically hunt down for the bottle dishwasher when you need it the most. In doing so, you won’t be just making optimum use of your kitchen space, but will also save most of your kitchen items from getting wasted.  
Organize The Utensils 
Believe it or not, most episodes of kitchen chaos begin with pots and pans. However, stowing your kitchenware in convenient locations can just save you from a ‘blackout’ when fixing a quick dinner. Stash away your pots, pans, and bakewares close to your cooking range, oven or stove for easy access. You can store your colanders and mixing bowls just under the kitchen counter. Instead of stacking up your measuring cups, spoons, tongs and spatulas in shallow bins, get drawer dividers that will help you get hold of things easily.
Stack Away The Less Used Items 
Less-used items in your kitchen like roasters, baking dishes, crockpots and more can be stowed away in higher storage areas, while you can store away your expensive china and silverware in a separate dining room sideboard. Never mind if you don’t have extra room for your holiday dishes, expensive goblets and chinaware, you can always store them in a utility closet or storeroom.
Your kitchen is perhaps the most coveted corner of your house. Keeping it organized won’t just make your life simpler, but will also make cooking more enjoyable.

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