Are you looking for some ideas for a bathroom makeover? Go through the article, to know how get a face lift for your washroom.

Bathroom Makeover

What is the first thing you do after getting up in the morning? Head towards your bathroom, isn’t it? So, you would agree to the fact that the washrooms need to be inviting and warm. In case your bathroom is not welcoming enough, going in for a makeover is a good idea. Bathroom makeover is very cheap, as compared to a living room or a dining room makeover. You do not need to buy any furniture, cabinets or expensive fixtures for your bathroom. Rather, getting a face lift for your washroom is a task that can be established with ease and at a low price as well.
Bathroom Makeover Ideas 
  • The first essential move would be to hide any visible plumbing, which makes a bathroom look uninviting. To hide the plumbing behind the toilet, you can opt to make it a storage area. If it is below the sink, attaching a rod and fixing a curtain at the place would be a good idea. Make sure that the storage area and the curtain match the overall décor of the toilet.
  • Fix a few cute and attractive towel hangers in the washroom. Many a times, a toilet has a single holder to hang bath towels, hand towels, etc. This makes the area look more clumsy and unkempt.
  • A fresh coat of paint is never bad for getting a revamped look. Painting the bathroom according to the season is a great idea. Whilst for spring, peach with mint will look great, peach with rust and gold will work best for autumn. Winters can be dealt with light blue and subtle greens look best in summers.
  • Another important aspect for the makeover would be to change the shower curtains, rugs and towels. These also add to the new look. Try to match them to your overall bathroom décor.
  • Lightning is also important for the washroom. Enhance the lighting just by changing the fixtures in the room. If you want, you can add additional lights fixtures as well.
  • If the bathroom is a big one, get a big mirror and fix a light just above it. For a smaller washroom, you can add small mirrors.
  • Keep one corner of the bathroom reserved for putting on decorative items. Just fix a small glass and lay a vase on top of it. You can also place some artificial flowers in there or keep a potted live plant.

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