Are you looking forward to giving your dining space a makeover? If yes, then read this article to get ideas on revamping the look of your dining room, with little or no effort.

Dining Room Makeover

Warm color, classy drapes, refined mirror and comfortable furniture - this is all that it takes to create an oasis of luxury and comfort for diners. Though for some, the concept of dining room is a sheer waste of space, you will be surprised to know that a large number of people today are looking for homes that provide for a family dining space, as it is the eating time presents the only time when the whole family can sit together and strengthen the bond of love. As for those who already have a ‘boring’ dining space and are looking for ideas to give it a revamp, this article would definitely come handy. Giving a face lift to your dining room is easy, provided you preset the priorities for the look. Right from the traditional and formal setting to a modern glam-sham look, the choice is entirely yours. In the following lines, we have provided dining room makeover ideas, which would help you renovate the entire look of the dining space in your home sweet home.
Dining Room Makeover Ideas 
Traditional Yet Formal Makeover
  • For a more traditional and formal setting, style your dining room in a cream-color extravaganza.
  • The cabinets for the traditional dining room should be of wood, with a mirror at the fascia. This would allow you to display the dishware, without being too loud.
  • Depending upon the size of the room, get a glass topped table with a heavy base. While a round table is best advised, as it increases the scope for conversation, a rectangular one can also be opted for.
  • Upholstered chairs serve as the best bet in such a dining room. They add a regal touch to the place, without making it look stifling.
  • Play around the décor by laying a subtle shaded rug. This would add the much needed warmth to the place.
  • Some intricate art pieces on the walls would surely enhance the beauty by miles, as would an exotic-looking and elaborate chandelier.
  • Finish the look by placing a collection of antique china and cobalt stemware of muted shades. 
Modern Yet Elegant Makeover
  • For a contemporary setting, start with the flooring. You can either go for a wooden floor covering (to make it different, get a champagne-colored wood) or granite flooring, which radiates a spectacular shine.
  • Let the paint on the wall do the talking as well. Remember, warm colors are exciting and stimulating. However, to add that glam quotient, get one of the walls painted in a bright color. Having a textured or patterned wall covering would also serve as a good option.
  • The dining table should be a glass topped one, with a sleek yet stylish base. As for the chairs, make sure they are of a different style and not the usual heavy wooden ones.
  • Do not restrict the seating arrangement to just chairs. Add a few ottomans around the dining space to add to the luxury and sumptuousness of the room.
  • As for the dishware, go for ones that exude a contemporary look. Those with geometrical designs would be the perfect option to pick. 
  • Floating candles and scented votives would make great centerpieces. You can even go for exotic white lilies. Whatever you chose, make sure that the centerpiece is not too big; else it would restrict conversation.
  • In case the dining room has windows that offer a visual treat of city lights, place the table in such a way that it is situated near the window. The city lights would add a charming factor to the whole room.
  • Complete the look of the contemporary-styled dining room with a classy and tasteful chandelier and some ceiling lights. 
  • While renovating your dining room, the first step would be to demarcate a proper space for it. This is important as most people confuse living room space with the dining space.
  • The size of the dining room would lay the foundation for the décor of the room.
  • One thing that can be common to every style is a one-step up dining room. This defines the space and also makes the area look fashionable and chic.
  • Get wooden flooring for your dining room. It would add a glamorous quotient to the entire space, bringing out the exquisiteness of the place. The best part about wooden flooring is that it serves well for both traditional and modern décor.

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