A baby’s room can look so much better when decorated keeping in mind a central theme. Read your way through this article for ideas on baby room themes.

Baby Room Themes

“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on,” said Carl Sandburg, the famous American writer. It’s an opinion that can hardly stir up any disagreement, although drooling babies can be a big bother. None the less, babies make the world go around, are a pleasure to be around and simply deserve the best! You read that right; babies really do deserve the best. From the clothes they wear to the rooms they inhabit, it is all about the best. As for the clothes, it’s a different story altogether, but for the rooms, what really is better than a baby room that has a central theme to it. Baby rooms with themes have two huge advantages. Firstly, they are more baby friendly than rooms with no themes, and secondly they are so much more fun to decorate and be in. If you have a baby or are planning on having one with your ‘significant other’, make you sure to bring up the little gift from God in a room with a theme. Read on to discover unique and interesting ideas on baby room themes.

Baby Room Theme Ideas 


Evergreen characters like Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Hobbes, Pluto, Nemo, Dr. Seuss, etc. make for the kind of characters you want to be incorporating in your child’s room. For example, if you choose to have Mickey Mouse as the central character in your baby’s room, you can have a Mickey Mouse bed and a Mickey Mouse nightstand. You can also paint Mickey Mouse on the walls of the room. However, remember to stay well within the limits of aesthetics. Too much character use in your baby’s room will only make it look like a page from a comic book, and that is not something you would want. If you are not keen on characters, you can always go ahead and decorate your baby’s room keeping well in mind a particular story or fairytale. Stories and fairytales that serve this purpose include Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Goldilocks, the Hare and Tortoise, etc. When you choose to employ stories as opposed to a single character, your sources of inspiration increase giving you the advantages of the same.

Nature And Animals 

Look around your house, do you see trees, do you see rolling rivers, do you see deer running around, do you see the sun rising and setting behind immovable hills? If you do, you really are a lucky person to enjoy the best of nature. However, most people, especially kids do not get to be one with nature. This in turn has created the need and desire to replicate nature in a baby’s room. Although not close to the real thing, it still is worth a try. Trees, rivers, rabbits, giraffe, the rising sun, flowers, bumblebees, streams, waterfalls, etc. painted on the walls of a baby’s room can be a pleasing sight indeed. You can also have a closet with paintings and pictures of cartoon figures of animals and maybe even a bed that comes close to resembling an animal. A bunny or a tortoise bed would do just fine here.


If you’re a fan of sporting activities or a particular sport and would like your son or daughter to become the next biggest sporting sensation, a sports theme will do just fine. There’s nothing like positively influencing the young and impressionable mind of a kid or a baby. When choosing to employ a sports theme all over the baby’s room, ensure you do so without creating any inconveniences for the child. For example, if you are a big fan of cricket, you don’t want to have pads, stumps, bats and balls making for the only ‘furniture’ in the baby’s room. Stylized and justified use of props is what you should be looking at here.


Kids, especially boys, always have this fascination for transportation. Trucks, bikes, cars, planes, trains, sailboats, etc. make for matters of interest. So, as far as baby room themes go, a room inspired by trucks and planes is definitely not a bad idea. You can have a bed that resembles a truck, walls with cars, a small closet that also looks like a plane and so on. Remember, you can always choose to experiment with your baby’s room while curbing the desire to go all out or overboard.

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