Alopekis dogs are small dogs with high energy which enable them to work tirelessly. Read on to know all about the alopekis dog breed.

Alopekis Dogs

Breed Type: Working group
Weight: 3-7 kg
Height: 8-12 inches
Coat type: Double coat; Short and smooth
Alopekis is a small fox-like dog which is both a tireless worker as well as a great pet. Though small in size, alopekis is highly functional in discharging a variety of works. It has an average life span of 13-16 years. It comes in a variety of colors. The dog can be easily domesticated in both the rural and urban setting.  
Alopekis is believed to have originated from the primitive dogs which lived in Greece during the proto-hellenic period of the Pelasgoi people. The ancient Greeks called the alopekis as “alopecis” which means small and fox-like. Similar types of dogs are being referred in ancient sculptures and other archaeological findings. During a period of time, the alopekis and small Greek domestic dog were considered to be different types of the same breed of dogs. 
Alopekis is the breed of dog that shares both the appearance and the graceful movement of fox. It comes in a variety of colors like black and beige. It is relatively small in size. Alopekis has a wedge-shaped head with large eyes which can be either round or almond in shape. The eyes of alopekis share the color of the coat. However, the eyes are never transparent or blue in color. The body of alopekis is covered with double coat. The outer coat is shorthaired and is hard and smooth. The undercoat of the dog is soft and dense. The entire coat is of medium length and ranges from 1.5 to 2 inches. In some dogs, the coat is slightly wavy. The coat has a silky touch. Alopekis has a long sickle shaped tail with an elegant curve. It has strong jaws with scissor-bite teeth. Its body is longer than its total height and has strong and broad muzzles.
Alopekis is highly obedient and faithful dog. It is a tireless working dog which makes great pet at home. It can be easily trained and has a pleasant disposition. It listens to the command of its master. It is known for its high level of intelligence. Alopekis is agile, alert and attentive. It has a hunting instinct along with a playful disposition. It is highly protective towards the owner and is suspicious to strangers. Alopekis can easily adapt itself to urban atmosphere. The dog has an athletic disposition. It makes an excellent guard and herding dog. Alopekis is a popular dog used around the farmhouses for its adept skill of finding out the rodents and killing them.
Alopekis is a short haired dog and hence needs no special grooming. It can be easily cared with little or no grooming. However, it needs free play to maintain sound health. It needs enough space to walk around and consequently, gets a proper exercise.

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