Let your hair down and go totally hep this season with these uber-cool chic retro hairstyles and get all heads turning. Check out these 70s hairstyles and unleash the fashionista in you.

70s Hairstyles

From fashion magazines to art exhibitions, retro is the way to be! With the retro mania taking over the ramp and the roads in a big way, today’s fashion statement is all about lycras, hotpants, punk, preppy and mod shags, afros, fringes, disco wedges and even the very iconic ‘Farah Flicks’. There is no denying that retro-glam is the thing to die for now, with everyone, right from celebs to youngsters, emulating the retro style with panache. A far cry from the bombastic bouffant of the 50s and the huge curls of 60s, the 70s fashion statement was more casual, relaxed and chic, largely defined by punk stars—Pink Floyd and  Bob Marley. It was characterized by micro minis, hot pants, shining lycra and groovy hairstyles. As far as the hair rage went, 1970s was an era of funky style that was easy to carry and care. An era of side-bangs and long tousled blond surfer mane, seventies was indeed a futuristic leap into contemporary fashion world. If you too are bit by the retro bug and wish to go for a gypsy style or more retro layered shags, taking a quick rundown through the chic haircuts that defined that era might leave you with a clue on what to do with your hair. Read on to explore the seventies hairstyle and get styling.
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Retro 70s Hairstyles
For Women
Afro Style
Forget the future, retro is the way to go now! With the entire fashion globe going gaga over the old-world trend, retro hairstyles are indeed here to stay. If you are among those lesser inhibited fashion freaks and game for everything bold yet super stylish, the classic retro afro hairstyle is the style for you. Remember, the frizzy ball hairdo that Beyonce Knowles pulled off in Austin Powers’ ‘Goldmember’. To style this super cool iconic afro hairdo, you need to have a long mane. Ask your coiffeur to braid your hair to achieve that ah-so-chic hairstyle. This totally hip-hop style would feel like a frizzy, round ball, crowning the head. Don this style and get a few eyebrows raising!
Farrah Flicks
Remember the cut-edge feathered style put into rage by supremely stylish Farrah Fawcett in ‘Charlie Angels’. Long, blond, feathered and feminine, these floppy bangs with bouncy sides have been mimicked by mainstream style icons like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Ashley Tisdale with panache. Put into vogue as the Farrah Fawcett’s feathered cut, this face-framing fly backs is extremely easy to style. All you have to do is to trim your hair to shoulder length with loads and loads of layers in the back and front. Using a flat iron, just straighten your hair and then roll the edges, using curling iron. Blow it with a hair blower to achieve the diva-like glam.
Shaggy Style
If you have secretly envied the cute, chic and super smart shaggy hairstyle of Meg Ryan in ‘French Kiss’, here’s your chance to follow the suit. Revolutionized by Jessica Biel and Taylor Momsen, this super casual and somewhat messy retro hairdo looks trendy and can be pulled off by almost anyone with equal flair. Doesn’t matter if you opt for shaggy bob, medium, long or wavy shag, this uneven, choppy style with sharpened edges can come to life with a dash of color. Revive the Saturday Night Fever trend with this super trendy, super cool retro hairstyle and rock the floor.
For Men
Long And Luscious
Chicks love this hairstyle and celebrities too! Long, luscious and wavy, this totally cool retro hairstyle put into trend by Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas and Joe Nichols, is creating the latest rage on the ramp and roads alike. Just trim your hair into long layers and textures. Shampoo your hair and finger some anti-frizz serum through your hair. Allow it to dry naturally and voila! You are ready to rock!
Pompadour Hairdo
Elvis big pompadour hairdo was just as famous as his swiveling hips and has been stylized by the likes of John Travolta, James Dean and Johnny Cash too. This high-crowned poof of hair brushed back from the forehead, was named after Marquise de Pompadour, a mistress of Louis XV. To don this hairstyle, dab generous amount of pomade on your wet hair. Make a middle parting and brush your hair backwards. Now lift the front hair and style it in the shape of a wedge to perfect the look.
Buzz It!
One cut that had ruled the stage then and even now is the very retro buzz style iconized by Brad Pitt and Elijah Wood. This straight from the seventies hairstyle, popularized by punk stars and actors like Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox, was a fashion rage that still lives on. To get this super cropped style, all you need is a good clipper and you are ready to go. This easy to maintain fuss-free hairstyle needs least maintenance and can be sported anytime, anywhere with élan.

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