Wedding traditions vary from place to place. Find out interesting information on popular marriage customs across the world.
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Gothic Wedding Ceremony

A gothic wedding ceremony is a different and unique way of uniting two people. To know how to throw a gothic wedding ceremony party, read on.

Catholic Wedding Vows

In Christian marriage ceremony, wedding vows form the most important part. Check out a selection of Roman Catholic wedding vows, which couples pronounce at their marriage.

Chinese Wedding Traditions

Chinese weddings are auspicious and carried out with lots of fun and merriment. Learn more about the marriage rituals and traditions in China.

Amish Weddings

Amish weddings are completely different from the usual American church marriages. Find out about Amish wedding traditions.

What Does RSVP Mean

Have you always wondered what does RSVP on a wedding card or other invitation stand for? Check out information on what RSVP means.

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