Are looking for some interesting winter activities for kids? If yes, explore this piece for some interesting winter activities for children.

Winter Activities For Kids

Are you are wondering how to keep your kids involved during the winter vacations? If yes, why don’t you try out some cool activities for them this winter? These activities would not only help them to kill time during the cold winter days, but would also provide them with a platform to boost their creativity and talent. Moreover, since we live in an increasingly competitive world, it is all the more important to find some amusing ways to deal with stress. Activities and games therefore are the safest ways for kids to release strain and brighten up. Furthermore, activities and games also inculcate some significant human qualities like patience, team work, co-operation and self confidence in them. The kids can also discover their creative and physical potential while performing these activities. The section below contains some fun activities for kids. You can choose ones that you think the kids would love and enjoy. Read on to learn more about them.

Interesting Winter Activities for Kids

Yummy Winter Crafts!
Yummy winter crafts are fun. Not only will the kids have fun making them, but they will also have a happy time eating their creations! You can try making snowman cookies and check the creativity of your toddlers. Prepare your regular cookie dough and piece out circles using large drinking cups or cookie cutters. Bake the dough as per directions and wait till it cools down completely. Now, have the kids use their own innovative ideas to decorate these cookies. Keep some edible gum, nuts, cherries, dot candies, skittle candies, spiced nonpareils, and a white tube decorator frosting ready for decoration. You can guide them in using the decorator frosting to draw a smile and also help them scatter sprinkles on the icing on the face to make colorful hair, to glue the eyes, the nose and cheeks etc. Once done, the kids can eat their own edible craft! 

Collage Creation
Making a collage can be a lot of fun and a pretty rewarding experience for the kids as well. Old magazines, newspapers and catalogs stored in your cabinets are just enough for this purpose. You can make the activity more challenging by assigning the tots with a theme or an alphabet to be prevalent in the project or allow them to follow their imagination and cut out whatever they want. Once they are done with the cutting, make them paste the pictures on the cardboard. Remember to keep the trash can nearby for the snippets.

Animal Jumble
This is a witty indoor game that works best with 3 or 4 children and helps you get rid of the “I’m bored” blues. Assign a ‘secret’ animal part to each child and let the children choose the animal themselves. Now, ask them to draw their ‘secret’ animal parts on construction paper. The interesting part is that none of them knows what the other is drawing. For instance, Tom who is drawing the head of a dog doesn’t know that Bobby is drawing the legs of an elephant and Sarah, the neck of a giraffe. When they are done with drawing, have them cut out the animal parts and form the animal together. You can also choose a funny name for a bizarre animal just discovered!

Density Matters
A great idea to foster a child’s natural curiosity is by teaching him/her about the concept of density. It works great with a group of kids or even with a lone child. Take a big glass and fill it to a third with syrup, the next third with some colored water and finally with vegetable oil on top. Now ask the kids to put some objects like macaronis, plastic toy or keys in the glass and watch where each of the objects land. This activity is sure to amaze the kids and you will have a lot of interesting questions to answer as well.

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