Many people do not know what gemstone therapy actually is. If you are also curious to know how gemstone therapy works, read the article.

What Is Gemstone Therapy

With the advancement in the field of medical science, scientists are coming up with modern methods of treatment. However, many people still believe in ancient therapies, which though dormant over years, still retain their effectiveness. One such ancient method of treating ailments is gemstone therapy. You would be surprised to know that gemstone therapy dates back to the 13th century, when gemstone elixirs were made by mixing water and powdered gemstones, and prescribed to cure a number of ailments. The treatment was meant for the nobles and the rich people, because it made use of precious stones.
There are certain gemstones in this world, which have been found to cure a number of physical and mental ailments, such as stress, internal toxins and negativity. Today, people are resorting to the ancient method of gemstone therapy, to find cure for many diseases. This is because, it is believed that the therapy helps the body and mind to relax and removes all the toxins as well. If a particular gemstone is used properly, it would provide you a powerful upliftment, both in terms of physical and mental health. Go through the following lines to know how gemstone therapy works.
How Does Gemstone Therapy Work
Typically, gemstone therapy radiates a pure frequency of energy. If the duration of the therapy and the mass of the gemstone used in it are appropriate, the treatment will create a field of energy that would move the patient towards a more balanced, vital and healthy state of mind. The gemstones used in the therapy have their own specific uses. The therapeutic properties of gemstones help in fueling the body's natural 'engines' of healing.
The treatment sessions of gemstone therapy are quite similar to acupuncture, the main difference being the use of gems in the former and needles in the latter. Generally, patients are seated or asked to lie down on a massage table, to perform the therapy. Gemstone spheres, specially designed tools, are used for the therapy. Gemstone necklaces are also used for the therapy, wherein the necklaces are placed at strategic locations, on the body of the patient.
Another way to perform gemstone therapy is to align specific gemstones within strategic locations of the body. Obsidian stone is placed at the base of the spine. Carnelian gemstone is positioned just below the navel. Citrine gemstone is aligned at the area just below the breastbone. Peridot is placed at the center of the chest. Aquamarine finds its position at the base of the throat, while Lapis lazuli is placed just above the eyebrows. At the crown of the head, Amethyst gemstone rests.
Uses Of Different Gemstones
It is believed that various blood disorders, such as leukemia and menstrual problems can be treated by using rubies and garnets. The green colored jade and peridots are used to provide relief from high blood pressure, headaches and stress. Diamonds and moonstones are used to increase fertility, improve sperm counts as well as increase the production of mother's milk. It is believed that obsidian and hematite is cures insomnia and depression. Amber is said to be beneficial for providing relief from arthritis pain.

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