In a relationship, with trust you have everything and without trust you have nothing. Breeze through this article for a closer look at trust building activities.

Trust Building Activities

In a setting where there exist a group of people who are supposed to share common goals, trust is a prerequisite for success. The same ingredient is pretty much indispensable when it comes to relationships as well. To install trust in relationships, as platonic as they may be, trust building activities are essential to get trust to coat the fine lines that make for the bonds people share with each other. To build trust between two or more people, however, is no walk in the park. It always requires ‘X’ amount of efforts and ‘X’ here can often stretch out to the unknown confines of infinity. If you are looking to build trust amongst a group of people or between you and a person you know and love, here’s presenting a filtered helping of ideas on trust building activities. Take the time to read on to uncover ideas on trust building activities.
Trust Building Exercises
The Minefield 
The ‘minefield’ trust building activity makes for arguably one of the best trust building activities. It can all be put together by scattering a dozen random objects indoors or outdoors. With this done, you will have to divide your selected group of people into pairs of two. One person of each pair should be blindfolded and should be led across the objects or ‘minefield’ by his or her partner who shouldn’t be blindfolded. With the successful implementation of this activity, it may become easier for people to trust each other! 

Passing The Parcel
This activity may require you to try it out on a considerably mature group. You can start off by zeroing in on around eight to ten people. Ask them to form a circle and pick out one person and ask that one person to close his/her eyes and just hand himself/herself over to the group. The group of people can then go on to slowly and gently ‘pass around’ the person who has closed his/her eyes. Automatically, the person with eyes closed has no choice but to place trust in the ones who are ‘passing’ him or her around. 

Eye To Eye 
When you learn to look at a man in the eye, you in a way are establishing trust. This is exactly why eye contact in a way helps people build bonds and establish trust. The ‘eye to eye’ activity can be put together by having people in pairs standing facing each other and staring into each other’s eyes for around a minute or so. This easily makes for a great way of building bridges between people.
Contact Course
When the aim is to build trust between people, it is essential to reduce mental and physical spaces between them. This can be done by ensuring that people reduce the physical spaces that exist between themselves and the others. You can begin by getting together a group of people and asking them to reduce the physical distance between themselves and then go on to increase the same. Instantly, the participants will notice changes in the way they feel when they are made to get closer to each other and made to stay away from each other.
Trying out the above mentioned activities are guaranteed to help you build trust in the relationships that exist in target groups. It’s something that just has to be done, simply because with trust, you have everything and without trust you have nothing!

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