On a tour to South America, Argentina is a country definitely worth visiting. Check out the tourist attractions i.e. the places to see in Argentina.

Tourist Attractions In Argentina

Argentina is beautiful country situated in the southern part of South America! Spread over an area of approximately 3 million sq km, the country is bounded by Andes mountain range in the on the west and Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay on the north. In its east lies the Rio de la Plata, while Tierra del Fuego islands adorn it in the south. With such a diverse and interesting geography, the country is bound to attract tourists from far and wide.
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To add to the attraction is its culture, as diverse as its geography. The various facets of nature in Argentina, right from arid deserts to damp jungles to frozen glaciers, are home to a number of sightseeing spots that are definitely worth having a look at. One of the largest cities of the world, Buenos Aires, is the cultural capital of Argentina. For the adventure lovers, the country presents opportunities like trekking, skiing and numerous water sports. Want to know more about the tourist attractions of Argentina? Read on!
Places to See in Argentina
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is counted amongst its major draws. Popularly called the ‘Paris of South America’, the city is just perfect for honeymooners. Visit Iguazu Falls, taste excellent wines, explore its rich architecture or dance to the beats of tango. Whatever you do, one thing is for sure - you wouldn’t come back from the city disappointed!
Patagonia, situated partly in Chile and partly in Argentina, comprises of the Andes Mountains in the west and south and plateaus and low plains in the east. Be it the national parks and glaciers in El Calafate and Tierra del Fuego, the whales and penguins in Peninsula Valdes or the lake region of Bariloche, Patagonia will not fail to enthrall you.
Are you a connoisseur of scrumptious food and excellent wine? Then, Mendoza is the place where you should head, when in Argentina. For the nature lovers, the amazing views in and around the Andes Mountains will suffice, while the adventure enthusiasts will find themselves thrilled with the various sports options presented by the place.
Salta is one of the few places in Argentina that experience a very pleasant climate throughout the year. Not only does the town boast of picturesque locales, it is also the most ‘out of the ordinary’ colonial town in Argentina. The best way to explore the place is to take a train that will keep you entertained, chugging along the panoramic views that Salta offers.
Atlantic Coast
If you have gone to Argentina and not seen the Atlantic Coast, your trip is truly incomplete. The beaches on the coast enchant you with their salubrious beauty and peaceful tranquility. Take a walk, go for swimming or just laze around on the silvery sand. Stay in any of the numerous hotels and villas facing the ocean and fall in love with your partner again.
Mar del Plata
Love the combination of the Sun, the Sand and the Sea? Why don’t you visit Mar del Plata, situated around 400 km from Buenos Aires! With a coastline that stretches over 45 km, you will have to look no further. Make sure to visit the Southern Beaches, the Lighthouse Beaches and the Punta Mogotes. Sea Lions Reservation, a protected area, is also a must-visit here.
Moreno Glacier
Moreno Glacier, located in the south of Argentina, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country. The result of a goofed-up bombing operation, this glacier is today one of the major draws of Los Glaciares National Park. The best time to visit the, 6 m high and 3 mile wide, glacier is in December, when the weather is warmer and frequent collapses occur along it.
The accommodation options in Argentina comprise of hotels, apartments, campsites and bed & breakfasts. Along the Atlantic Coast, you can also find villas to serve your accommodation needs. The five star hotels in country promise to provide you all the contemporary facilities you can think of. On the other hand, the discount hotels, campsites and bed and breakfasts take care of your budget constraints.
How to Reach Argentina
By Air
Majority of the international flights that come to Argentina land at the Ezeiza International Airport, situated in Buenos Aires. There is also a domestic airport in the city, known as Aeroparque Jorge Newbery. The other major airports are in Salta, San Juan, San Luis, Iguaza, Posadas, Rio Cuarto, Santa Fe, etc.
By Rail
Argentina has no international train services till date. The railway line between Chile and Argentina is still under construction. However, you can use trains for traveling within the country.
By Road
If you are coming by road, you can enter Argentina through the borders it shares with Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. You can also find international coaches running for Argentina, from the neighboring countries.
By Sea

Regular hydrofoils routes connect Buenos Aires with Montevideo and Colonia (in Uruguay). Ferry services can be taken from Puerto Madero, the downtown Buenos Aires neighborhood.

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