Mount Abu is the one and only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan. Read on to explore the tourist attractions i.e. the places to see in Mt Abu.

Mount Abu - An Oasis In The Desert

Mount Abu is the name of a town that claims the distinction of being the sole hill station in Rajasthan. Once the summer residence of the Rajputs and, later, the British, it today serves as one of the most popular attractions of the desert state. The rich legacy of the hill resort is today visible in the form of the numerous colonial mansions, bungalows and holiday lodges that dot its landscape. Perched on the highest peak of Aravalli Range in Rajasthan, Mt Abu stands beautified by lakes, rivers, waterfalls and verdant forests. This is the reason why it is often known as the ‘Oasis of the Desert’. Add to this, the holy shrines that form a part of Mount Abu and you know why it is so popular amongst tourists. In the following lines, we tell you about the places to see in the hill resort.
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Mount Abu Tourist Attractions
Dilwara Jain Temples
One of the most revered sites of Jain pilgrimage in India, Dilwara temples are definitely a must visit. Dating back to the period between the 11th & 13th century, these temples were constructed out of marble. They stand surrounded by the beautiful vista of tree-covered hills and mesmerize you with their architectural beauty. Exquisitely carved ceilings, doorways, pillars and panels are just some of the ornamentation of the temples.
Gaumukh Temple
Another temple in Mount Abu that is worth having a look at is the Gaumukh temple. It is said that the temple marks the venue where Sage Vashishtha conducted his yagna. Flowing near it is a natural spring that gushes through the head of a carved cow (gau), giving the temple its name. The backdrop of the temple is formed by a sculpted hill temple of Arbuada (the mighty serpent), with a marble image of Nandi standing nearby.
Nakki Lake
If peace and calm is what attracts you, then Nakki Lake is the place where you should head. One of the most popular attractions of the hill resort, the lake lures many. Apart from its azure waters, it is the panoramic surroundings that add to its aura. If taking a leisurely walk is not your idea of fun, the opportunity of boating or having a picnic will definitely interest you!
Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
The nature lovers should head to Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary straight away. Located amidst the Aravalli mountainous ranges, the protected area was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1960. Apart from being home to a wide variety of endangered wildlife, the sanctuary also serves as a reservoir of the rich floral diversity of the place.
Sunset Point
Being a hill resort, Mt Abu has a number of lookout points within its precincts. Amongst all of them, the best as well as the most popular one is the Sunset Point. Standing amidst heaving vegetation, the lookout point offers beautiful views of sunset as well as the serrated landscape of the hill station. The souvenir shops and food stalls here only add to its attraction.
Museum and Art Gallery
Those who love to delve into history and explore the heritage of a place should head to the Raj Bhawan, when in Mount Abu. The building is home to the Museum and Art Gallery of the hill station. The rich collection of the museum ranges from rare antiques, ancient paintings and sculptures to tribal huts, tribal ornaments and tribal weapons. You can also see delicate statues of Devdasis and the Nartakis here. 
Other Attractions
There are a large number of parks in Mt Abu, serving as the perfect picnic spots. Amongst the most prominent ones are Shaitan Singh Park, Municipal Park, Terrace Garden, Ashok Vatika, Gandhi Park, etc. Other attractions of the hill resort include Adhar Devi temple, Shri Raghunathji temple, Honeymoon Point and Raj Bhawan.
Being one of the favorite tourist destinations in India, Mount Abu has a thriving hospitality industry. There is a wide variety of hotels in Mount Abu. Here, you can indulge in luxurious atmosphere at Hotel Hillock, Hotel Maharaja, Hotel Samrat International, etc. For travelers who are conscious about budget, there are several budget hotels like Hotel Maganji’s, Hotel Lake Palace and Hotel Yorkshire Inn. Besides, if you want to experience the charm of bygone era, the best deals could be thrown by heritage hotels, such as, Palanpur Palace, Kesar Bhawan Palace, Cama Rajputana Club Resort, Udai Garh, Cannaught House, etc.
How to Reach
By Air
Udaipur airport, at a distance of around 185 km, is nearest from Mount Abu. From there, you can get direct flights to cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur.
By Rail
Abu Road railway station, around 28 km from Mount Abu, forms the nearest rail link. It is well connected to the major cities in and around Rajasthan.
By Road
A good road network links Mount Abu with the key cities in India. You can easily get buses as well as taxis to and from cities like Delhi, Ajmer, Bundi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Udaipur.

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