Cigar is more than just smoking – it is a status symbol and if you want it to work for you, you must start with learning how to light a cigar. Read on to get tips for lighting a cigar!

Tips For Lighting A Cigar

So you have a cigar and you burnt it by touching it to the flame? Well, that is because it s not supposed to be lit like that. Exposing it to the flame and expecting it to light up like a cigarette is a mistake. You are supposed to bring the cigar near the flame and puff slowly while you rotate it. Yes, just like they do it in Hollywood! You should have by now successfully lit your cigar. And if it took time then maybe we should tell you that the source of the flame is a very important factor here. The ideal thing to use would be a butane torch lighter. The reason being that in this lighter, the gas does not have a bad odour and neither does the flame flicker. A steady flame is essential when you are trying to light the cigar. Anything on the lines of match sticks, petrol lighters and candles will spoil the cigar. And nothing can be worse than a badly lit cigar. If you are reading this article then you either want to be one of elite who smoke cigars or are simply looking for something more interesting than a cigarette. Whatever the case, you must know that a cigar must be smoked with utmost class, tranquillity and composure but before that, it must be lit with style and the next section deals with all the info you need for lighting a cigar. Read on!
Cutting The Cigar
  • Before lighting a cigar, its curved end is cut carefully. A guillotine cutter, V cutter, punch, scissor cutter etc can be used for this purpose. The incision must be made just above the cap line.
  • Cut at the point just before the curve begins and if yours is not a cone shaped cigar then cut about 1/8 of an inch from the tip.
  • Apply even pressure and follow Bond’s style of one quick and swift motion while attempting to cut the cigar.
Lighting The Cigar
  • Now that your cigar is freshly cut, your next concern involves lighting the cigar.
  • Use both the hands to light the cigar. On one hand hold the lighter and the other grip your cigar around the band using the first three fingers in your hand (thumb, index and the middle finger). This position is about an inch or two from the head of the cigar.
  • Place the cigar in your mouth.
  • Light the flame and place the cigar just above the flame. Be careful not to touch the flame.
  • Begin puffing gently on your cigar. Try to attract the flame by puffing on the cigar.
  • Slowly rotate the cigar to uniformly heat the ends till a black ring is formed at its tip. If one side burns faster than the other side then it is wiser to moisten your hand and begin again.
  • The amount of puffing that you need to put in and the duration of time that will take for the cigar to light up depends upon the size of the cigar.
  • You will be rewarded by the glow of the tobacco around the rim when the cigar gets roasted and smoke begins to show easily.
  • Always hold the cigar at a 90 degree angle from an unwavering or steady flame.
  • Patiently twist the cigar around. It is important to wait till all the ends are evenly charred.
  • You have to do a bit of multi tasking while trying to light the cigar. Puff at the tips and rotate the cigar with the hand above the flame at the same time.
  • It is perfectly ok to rub the ashes off on an ashtray if your cigar goes out midway and relight all over again by following the steps again.
Enjoy your puff with class and elegance and make your presence felt in social circles but remember not to make it a daily affair since it does more harm than good to your body!

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