Paris offers a lot of tourist attractions and many places to see to its visitors. Check out the fun things to do in Paris.

Things To Do In Paris

Location: Seine River, Northern France, Europe
Language: French, English, Basque, Corsican, Breton
Best Time to Visit: Spring or Fall Season
Time Zone: GMT +1 (+2 in summer)
Driving Side: Right side
Main Attractions: Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, Versailles, Arc de Triomphe, Les Catacombes, etc.
What comes to mind when I say “La Ville-lumière”, which means “City of Lights”? The scintillating city of Paris of course! Associated with love, romance and definitely style, Paris is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Be it a romantic honeymoon or a fun vacation with your family or even coming to this mystical place all by yourself, Paris offers a different experience of vacationing altogether. Imagine sipping the finest of the wines and viewing the evening twilight with the majestic Eiffel Tower forming the background; sounds tempting, right? Check out the various tourist attractions and places to see in Paris.
Exploring Main Attractions
Paris has a plethora of tourist attractions to offer. Some of them are so vast, that you may need a couple of days just to explore one such place! I am referring to none other than the famous Louvre museum. This colossal museum is divided into 3 sections and it is advisable to get a map of the museum before you set to explore in order to have an idea as to where the best attractions are located. The museum displays some 300,000 artifacts and exploring all of them is no less than a daunting task!
Next in line is definitely the Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous landmarks here and one of the most famous structures in the world. You must go there in the evening, right after dusk when 20,000 bulbs are switched on, that light up the Eiffel Tower and make it look like a surreal dream. You can go upto a certain level on the Tower and get a fantastic view of the city from up there. Don’t forget to visit the famous Notre Dame de Paris, the mystical Gothic cathedral and revel in its architectural splendor.
Shop Hopping
If you love shopping, have an eye for special designs and have money to splurge, Paris is the ultimate destination to splurge. It is known for its stylish dresses and famous designers and has big and renowned branded shops to choose from. Check out places like Galeries Lafayette, Champs Elysées, Le Forum des Halles, La Samaritaine, Le Bon Marché, Au Printemps, etc. where you can get really good clothes, accessories, perfumes, jewelry and just about anything you can think of!
Pamper your Taste-Buds
Paris is known to pamper its visitors and spoil them for choice. Right from roadside cafes to exquisite gourmet restaurants, you can find eating joints at every nook and corner. There is hardly a chance you will feel fatigued and what with so many cuisines to choose from, you will really have a hard time selecting what you want to leave! Right from traditional French cuisines to Continental to Asian to Italian to contemporary tastes and exotic fusions to seafood to the finest wines, cheese and caviar, there is hardly anything you wouldn’t want to try out!
Fun Things to Do
Experience the night life of Paris in the various dance halls and discotheques here. They boast of scintillating music and awesome ambience and with a few drinks down your system, you will be boogieing away the night like never before. Check out the palace of Versailles which has an ornate collection of gardens, lakes, stables and guest houses to complement the luxuriously furnished palace. This is where Louis XIV, XV and XVI lived, before the revolution. You can climb up the Arc de Triomphe, which one of the elevated points in Paris. Though it may not go up all the way till the Eiffel Tower, it still provides a fascinating view of the city from the highest point.

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