The largest province in Finland, Lapland is best known as the home of Santa Claus attracting numerous tourists. Check out the article for various places to see and things to do in Lapland.

Things To Do In Lapland

Location: Northern Finland
Arktikum Museum, Lapland
Language: Finnish, Sami and Swedish
Best Time To Visit: November to January
Time Zone: GMT (UTC +2)
Driving Side: Right Side
Main Attractions: Arktikum, Lapin Metsamuseo, Ranua Wildlife Park, Lemmenjoki National Park, Lake Inari, Kemi Snow Castle, Santa Claus Village
One of the least densely populated areas in the world, Lapland is sited at the northernmost province in Finland. Nicknamed as Lappi, Lapland is the ultimate wilderness destination in Finland, where reindeers are as common as the local people. The majority of the Lapland population is concentrated in the provincial capital of Rovaniemi, a hot spot for tourism. A destination filled with natural picturesque beauty and breathtaking landscapes, Lappy is best known for winter vacations and ice hotels. Apart from the winter twilights, the huge range of activities that the place forwards is sure to revitalize and rejuvenate your sense. In case you are planning a visit to Lapland, be sure to pack your bags full of warm clothes as the temperatures can reach any where below -50oC. Take a glimpse into some of the major tourist attractions in Lapland by glancing through the lines herein.
Tourist Attractions in Lapland
Ranua Eläinpuisto
This wildlife zoo, often described as ‘Santa’s own zoo’, offers magnificent views of some of the most impressive wildlife species of the Arctic region. Polar bears, snow owls and reindeers are just a few animals to keep you up. A must destination for daytrip, Ranua Eläinpuisto allows you to take a glimpse of all these animals in their natural habitat along the 3-kilometer track.
Santa Claus Post Office
How about meeting Santa Claus in the summer season when the sun is out and the weather is warm? Quite strange, right! That’s what the Santa Claus Post office offers its tourists. The numerous languages that the Santa speaks are one of the key features that attracts tourist from all over the world. Visit the Santa, click snaps with him and, moreover, send postcards from this post office to your home to get the special Santa Claus stamp to be cherished for life.
Santa Park
Situated close to the Santa Claus Post Office, the Santa Park attracts visitors from worldwide for just one reason - Santa Claus. Do not be surprised if you hear jingle bells in this yule-themed amusement park even during the month of May, because that is what it offers. Situated in a huge man-made cavern in a hill, known as Syvasenvaara Fell, the park has a hall and a plaza which offers about half a dozen exciting and thrilling rides, activities and attractions. Let your young ones decorate gingerbread cookies or stroll along the shops that sell cuddle toys or souvenirs. The carousel, multimedia show showcasing the story of Santa Claus, sleigh ride and ice bar are the main highlights of the park.
Arktikum Museum
Undoubtedly, Arktikum Museum is the most stunning building in the capital city of Rovaniemi. This building houses a science center, ‘The Arctic Center’, and a museum, ‘The Provincial Museum of Lapland’, showcasing the life, natural habitats, history, customs and cultures of the local people residing in the north of the Arctic Circle. Although most of the building is submerged in the Ounasjoki riverbank, what makes it spectacular is the glass-walled lobe that juts out from the ground giving the appearance of a two-storey compass needle.
Lemmenjoki National Park
For all natural beauty lovers and adventure seekers, the Lemmenjoki National Park is a perfect hangout spot. Lemmenjoki is, in fact, the largest National Park of Finland with the Lemmenjoki River Valley being the best attraction. Capture those unspoiled natural scenery in your cams as you ride through the rivers Ivalojoki and Lemmenjoki. Marked trails, open wilderness huts, and campfire places just a few attractions that are sure to leave you mesmerized, as you make your way up to the Norwegian frontier. Also, various sailing, skiing, hiking and water craft activities will keep you occupied throughout your entire trip to this most bravura spot in Finland. 

Arktikum Museum, Lapland  
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