Finland, located in northern Europe, is best known for the Nokia headquarters. Check out popular tourist attractions and places to see in Finland.

Things To Do In Finland

Location: Northern Europe, between Sweden and Russia
Helsinki, Finland
Best Time to Visit: Summer months
Capital City: Helsinki
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Languages: Finnish and Swedish
Main Attractions: Northern Lights, Helsinki, Lakelands, Finnish Laplands
Finland is one of the most industrialized countries of the world. Famous for its Nokia headquarters, Finland has a lot more than just industries and telecommunication giants to boast of. This place is infused with the richness of its cultural and historical background and the smooth blend of the old-world charm with the modern and fast-paced lifestyle is what attracts people to come here. Besides this, Finland has its own share of natural beauty and natural wonders such as the Northern Lights, which are definitely a magical experience. There are many fun things to do and ample of facilities for tourists in Finland. Check out information on the places to see and tourist attractions of Finland.
Helsinki - Capital City
The capital city of Finland is Helsinki and this place provides a glimpse into the fascinating culture, lifestyle and the glorious history of Finland. The ancient buildings like churches, forts and castles have stunning architecture and are the living testimonies of the days of yore. The proof of the modern lifestyle is visible in the glittering malls, amusement parks and upscale restaurants. The best time to visit this place is during summer months, when the days are very long and you get plenty of time to explore this place.
If you are one of those who love to see water all around and lush natural beauty, then Lakelands is the place for you. Explore over 150,000 lakes in this area and get mesmerized by its sheer natural beauty. You can try out fun activities boating, fishing and also look out for islands, lakes, canals and passages. This is the ideal place for those who want to have a water vacation in Finland. They are a major tourist attraction and are often frequented by flocks of tourists.
Finnish Laplands

The Finnish Laplands are perhaps the most wonderful asset of Finland. The area is a vast expanse of untamed wilderness which can be explored tirelessly. This place is famous for its Midnight Sun and the sun sometimes shines brightly for over 18 hours! Here, you will find some really good skiing resorts, the most popular one being the Levi ski resort. The Laplands are a must visit for all those who visit Finland and want to go back with some really vivid memories.

Helsinki, Finland  
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