Zambia is known as the ‘Real Africa’, due to the diverse tourist attractions it offers. To know more about the places to see in the bounteous land of Zambia, read on.

Zambia Attractions

Location: Southern Africa
Language: English and Bemba
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Driving Side: Left Hand
Time Zone: GMT/ UTC+2
Emergency Number: 999
Zambia is a land locked country in Southern Africa, located between the southern rim of Zaire Basin and Zambezi River. For thousands of years, it was inhabited by the hunter gatherers and migratory tribes and is therefore, fragrant with the aroma of the ancient civilization and culture. Generously blessed, Zambia showcases the wild and raw side of nature. It is a much-sought after tourist destination, as it offers diverse activities and attractions. Mammoth waterfalls, rocky gorges, flourishing wildlife, serene water bodies, historical monuments, anthropological museums, adventure and water sports, et al, is what this nature’s dominion is all about. Thus, Zambia has something for everyone here, which makes it ideal for a vacation.
Zambia has 17 waterfalls, the largest of which is Victoria Falls. It is the largest waterfall in the world and truly a nature’s marvel. Running over a stretch of 2 km, the water falls from 1,700 m-wide gorge into the Zambezi River, from a height of 100 meters. The falls were viewed by David Livingstone, who named it after his queen as ‘Victoria’. To appreciate the splendor of the spectacular falls, you can go for aerial rides in light weight aircrafts, or walk over ‘Knife Edge Bridge’ opposite to the falls or explore the depths of the gorge from the ‘Boiling Point’.
Zambia is natural haven for a great deal of wildlife. A paradise for animal lovers, the country offers some of the best sanctuaries and natural parks of the world, within its boundaries. There are in total 19 national parks in Zambia out of which eight are extremely popular and comprise of Kafue, Kasanka, Lochinvar, Lower Zambezi, Luangwa, Mosi-oa-Tunya, Sioma Ngwezi and Sumbu. All these wildlife sanctuaries are accessible by plane as well as by car, and require entry permit for admission.
The unbound natural wealth of Zambia is evident from the fact that it houses quite a number of lakes and water bodies. The most popular and must-visit ones are Zambezi River, Lake Kariba, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Bangweulua and Lake Mweru. Zambezi River is the fourth largest river system of Africa, and even houses the largest man made dam, The Kariba Dam. These water bodies are excellent sites to witness the wildlife around, as a large number of parks and bird sanctuaries flourish around them. Water and adventure sports are other activities you can enjoy here.
Zambia is dotted with ancient monument and historical memorials, which take you far back in time. These eternal structures surprise the visitors with their remaining glory and narrate the story of the rich civilization, which the country boasts of. There are around 15 monuments in Zambia that are worth having a look at; out of which the Shiwa Ngandu and the Livingstone Memorial are the best ones.
The cultural and ancient heritage of Zambia has been preserved through the various museums of the country. If you want to know more about the history, origin and evolution of the place, don’t forget to visit these museums. Some of the popular museums of Zambia are
  • Choma Museum & Crafts Project
  • Livingstone Museum
  • Maramba Cultural Museum
  • Moto moto Museum
  • Lusaka National Museum
  • Nayuma Museum
  • Railway Museum
  • Victoria Falls Field Museum
Things to Do
When it comes to action, you just can’t think to stop, as Zambia has a plethora of activities to offer. Some of the things which should not be missed in the enigmatic land comprise of adventure sports, such as white water rafting, bungi jumping,   gorge swinging, abseiling, tiger and fly fishing, tandem kayaking, house boating, etc. Apart from this, you can also enjoy some enthralling safaris in the country like river safaris, walking safaris, birding safaris, canoeing safaris, mobile safaris, elephant back safaris, horse back safaris, photographic safaris, open vehicle safaris, etc. Game reserves are another option you can go for when you are in Zambia. There are plenty of them located in the bounds of the land.

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