San Francisco has many tourist attractions and great places to see around. Check out things to do in San Francisco.

Things To Do In San Francisco

Location: California (West Coast), North America
Language: English
Weather: Mild Summers and Winters
Best Time to Visit: August to October
Time Zone: GMT -8
Driving Side: Right side driving
Emergency: 911 for any emergency
Main Attractions: Golden Gate Bridge, PIER 39, Alcatraz, Ocean Beach, Aquatic Park, San Francisco Zoo, Yerba Buena Park, etc.
One of the most charming and irresistibly beautiful places in the bay area in US is definitely San Francisco. Even after being struck by a high magnitude earthquake in early 20th century, San Francisco retuned back to normalcy rapidly and became one of the most prosperous cities in America. Today, this city that abounds in natural beauty is the fourth most populous city in California and 14th most populous city in America. This place is a popular tourist attraction and people come from all over the world to enjoy the fast paced lifestyle with a combination of lush natural beauty. There are many enjoyable things to do in San Francisco. Read on to get information on places to see and the tourist attractions of San Francisco.
Sun, Sea and Sand!
San Francisco has a vast number of beaches that you can explore on lazy afternoons. The water is definitely colder and the currents are stronger than those at the beaches found towards southern California. So the beaches are not really ideal for swimming, though you can play in the water! Among the beaches, you can visit Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, Aquatic Park, East Beach (also known as China Beach), Stinson Beach, etc.
Explore San Francisco
San Francisco provides wholesome entertainment to its visitors. So, you can be sure that there is something for everyone! Want to enjoy your day amidst nature? Visit the San Francisco Zoo, Angel Island State Park, Monterey Bay Aquarium, etc. Take a half an hour walk on the historic and best loved symbol of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, which is an architectural marvel. Check out the San Francisco Cable Cars, often known the moving landmark and enjoy panoramic views around. Those looking for a bit of thrill and fear factor, don’t forget to visit the Alcatraz, the infamous prison known for its notorious criminals. For fun, excitement and shopping, a visit to the Pier 39 is recommended.
The Vineyards
When it comes to San Francisco, California, can wine remain far behind? A short drive from San Francisco will take you to the vineyards that will mesmerize you with the lush green surroundings and extensive vineyards. Check out Domaine Chandon, Napa Valley, Sonoma County, which are the best and the most enjoyable. Visit the wineries there and sip the best wines of the world, watching the sunset in the horizon.
Theme Parks
Want to make your trip absolutely fun-filled and exciting? Then don’t forget to visit the lovely theme parks and amusement parks of San Francisco. Kids and adults, both enjoy to the hilt in the theme parks and leave with a high adrenalin and lovely memories! Check out the Yerba Buena Park, Great America, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Six Flags Marine World, and you can be sure you will have the time of your lives!

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