Mississippi has a lot of interesting places to see and tourist attractions that you can visit. Check out fun things to do in Mississippi.

Mississippi Attractions

Location: South of United States of America
Best Time to Visit: Summer months
Capital City: Jackson
Language: English, Mississippian
Time Zone: UTC -6 / -5
Main Attractions: Rapids Water Park, Mississippi Museum of Art, Russell C. Davis Planetarium, Jackson Zoological Park, Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, etc.
Mississippi is located in the southern region of North America. The state’s name comes from the Mississippi river, which is the second longest in US. Mississippi is derived from the Ojibwe word ‘misi-ziibi’, which apparently means ‘Great River’. The state has a thick and dense cover of forests and is known for its vast variety of catfish species. The symbol of this state is Magnolia. This place experiences a hot and humid, sub-tropical climate. This place is infamous for hurricanes and was damaged significantly by Hurricane Katrina in the recent past. Nonetheless, people visit this place to get a feel of the ancient cultures that have blended beautifully with the modern lifestyle. Check out the places to see and tourist attractions of Mississippi.
Jackson Zoological Park
One of the major attractions of Mississippi is the Jackson Zoo. It offers a unique experience to both kids and adults alike. The visitors are given a quality and recreational tour of the zoo by the dedicated staff. There are a number of animals you can see there and also learn about their approaches to animal management, conservation research, etc. Enjoy the beauty of the zoo and discover new knowledge and wonders of the natural world.
Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science offers a unique experience all together. Visitors to this place can check out the 100,000-gallon aquarium system, which houses over 200 living species of native fish, reptiles, amphibians, and aquatic invertebrates. There is also a 1,700-square foot greenhouse, which is called “The Swamp” that houses alligators, turtles, fish, etc. You can also enjoy 2.5 miles of nature trails and native plant gardens here.
Rapids Water Park
If you are looking for unadulterated and pure fun and excitement, Rapids Water Park is the deal destination for you. This is Mississippi’s biggest water park which treats not just the kids, but the family as a whole. The thrilling and absolutely enjoyable rides include wavepool, raging rapids waterslides, pirate's cove kid's pool, lazy river ride, arcade, etc. So for that perfect vacation in Mississippi and lots of fond memories and of course, the adrenalin rush, visit the Rapids Water Park.

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