If you are game for exotic beaches & nightlife, Bahamas is the place to go! Jet off to the Bahamas & dive down its magnificent tourist attractions! Explore the various things to do in Bahamas.

Things To Do In Bahamas

Location: North-East of the Caribbean
Blackbeards Cay, Bahamas
Language: English, Creole
Best Time to Visit: March to July
Time Zone:  EST (UTC−5)/ EDT (UTC−4)
Driving Side: Left Side
Main Attractions: Beaches, Outdoor Aquarium at the Atlantis Resort (Paradise Island), Lucayan National Park Kayak and Cave Tour (Grand Bahama Island), Snorkeling and Diving (Andros Island), Dolphin Encounters (Blue Lagoon Island, Nassau)
Pack your bags this summer and shore off to the more exotic islands of Bahamas and have a gala time exploring the sun, sand, shores and the turf. Endless stretch of crystal clear, turquoise blue water and pearly white sandy beaches, Bahamas offers the best diving on the planet, with transparent waters and miles of jaw-dropping coral reef. A huge archipelago consisting of 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 islets lying off the east coast of Florida, Bahamas is extravagance pre-defined. Located in the north-east of the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba, Bahamas formerly served as a haven for the pirates, before it went on to become a global tourist hotspot. A treat for your senses, the Islands of Bahamas offers an incredible array of hues and adventure. Whether you’re into boating, sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing or kayaking, this really is the best place in the world to do them all. Head for a paradisiacal indulgence to Nassau or take a luxury dive into the Andros Island, Bahamas has just something for everyone. Take a dive down the tourist hotspots in Bahamas and get planning for your next vacation.
Tourist Attractions In Bahamas
Go Aqua!
Do you wish to go all big on luxury stay, thrilling waterslides, exotic beaches and summery sun? If yes, then Atlantis Resort is the place to be. Warm, wild and watery — Atlantis Resort is a place where the thrill never ends. Nestled on the arches of Nassau Island, this exotic resort is home to world’s largest aquamarine display that houses a 34-acre marine habitat and comes with 11 exhibit lagoons and pools. The resort is also home to whopping 200 aquatic species. Just imagine the thrill of scouring through scampering lobsters, scores of piranhas, giant groupers, majestic lionfish and revel at the sheer joy of handling conch, sea urchins and starfish, all under one walk-in tank.
Soak Up Some Sun!
If you are all heavy and high for the softness of the sand, the blast of the sun and the crashing of the cool sea, you simply can’t go without relishing the exotic beaches in Bahamas. Cabbage Beach and Paradise Beach - the two not-to-miss hotspot beaches on Paradise Islands are travelers’ delight. Sprawling beaches with dazzling white sands and stretches of coconut palms, sea grape and casuarinas trees makes these beaches one to die for. Other visually stunning beaches to sail for are the Xanadu Beach and Lucaya Beach in Grand Bahama Island and yes, the must-go Gold Rock Beach in Lucayan National Park.
Crazy Over Kayak And Cave
Go kayaking, caving and swimming in the incredible Lucayan National Park, one of the most incredible travel hotspots all across the globe. A sanctuary for the more adventurous souls, Lucayan National Park is the ultimate retreat for anyone game for some off-shore fun and thrill. Settle into your own kayak and paddle down a creek streamlined with a mangrove or rush to the more exotic dune-bordered Gold Beach and have a gala time soaking and lapping up some sea, sun and sand.
Dive Deep
If your idea of a perfect vacation is scuba diving, exploring the barrier reefs, bonefishing, snorkeling, lying in the hammock and soaking up the grandeur of nature, Andros Island is the place for you. A hub for snorkelers and divers, Andros Island offers the aquatic aficionados a dive into the blue holes and a chance to explore the large stands of elkhorn coral growing in 15 feet of water.
Romancing Dolphins
Whether you want to swim in the lagoon, indulge in water sports or just wish to devour grilled lunch and refreshing tropical drinks, Blue Lagoon Island is the bet for you. A three-mile drive from Nassau, the Blue Lagoon Island is most fêted for its bottlenose beauties at Dolphin Encounters. Just plunge in the lagoon and romance with the dolphins or stay at the dock and see the dolphins charm your heart away with their incredible antics!

Blackbeards Cay, Bahamas  
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